See How These Dogs Aged In The “10 Year Challenge!”


If you’re not living under a rock, you’ve likely seen your friends on social media posting their own photos as part of the “10 Year Challenge.” This “challenge” calls on people to share their profile photos from 10 years apart, often their first and their most recent side-by-side, to compare how they’ve aged.

But once again, the internet has found that anything can be made better with dogs!

iHeartDogs recently challenged our friends on Facebook to show us how their dogs have aged, and we got precious puppy photos paired with pics of dogs who have grown wonderfully! Some are seniors, some are on their way, but every photo shows that with age comes beauty!

Check out some of the most incredible transformations shared with us below. Add your photo to the comments on this Facebook post at iHeartDogs’ Facebook page!

“How hard did aging hit….Angus! 🐶❤️❤️🐶”

“This is Sarge. We rescued him from a Georgia shelter at 7 months old. He is now 10 years and spoiled rotten! ❤️❤️ the first picture was his shelter intake photo and the second was him curled up on our couch getting scratches, his fave!”

“Pup challenge! My baby girl is now 8 almost 9 years old ❤️”

“This is Indy. She turned 10 yesterday 😍”

“Bandits 10 year challenge. 2009-2019”

“Aphrodite 8 weeks old to 9 years old and still got the looks 💚”

“Autumn 1 year and 11 years , shes a great old girl !”

“This is Snyper, we rescued him from the same shelter Sarge came from. We took him in at 4 weeks old, but only had him overnight before he broke with parvo. It was very touch and go but we finally got to bring him home when he was six weeks old. I bottle fed him protein shakes, and carried him around in my hoodies to keep him warm. Now at 9 years old, you would never guess he had such a rough beginning to life. He is spoiled rotten just like his big fur brother, but deserves it all. ❤️❤️”

“Sadie @ 8 weeks and now almost 12 years!!”

“12 year challenge!”

“2008/2018 Manu and Duncan of San Antonio.”

“First pic is from 2010. Definitely not little anymore! I got him from a rescue and couldn’t have asked for a better dog. That’s my boy for life! Love him so much!❤️”

“Spotty now at 13 and at 3 months. He’s blind but my other dogs guide him around.”

“Hip Hop 2009 @ 6 months to now, 2019! ♡♡♡”

“Chauncey 1 year and almost 9 now. He’s my ❤️”

“And I just lost her Wednesday 😭😭😭🐕🐕🐕 my loyal friend til the end. She gave me an amazing 12 years.”

“Cody then, when we rescued him at 8 weeks old and now at 13 years old!”

“My Smoky  🙂 2012 to present 🙂 The first pic was 10 minutes after he was picked up off the side of Hwy 411… how he got there or where he came from we will never know!”

“Rosie age 3 and 13. She has aged well 🤗”

“My sweet LeeLee girl! Ten years later and still sweet as can be❤️Extra prayers accepted, my old lady is going through some health issues now🙏🏻❤️”

“Jack at 1 and now almost 12 ❤️
You can see the scar where he was SHOT IN THE FACE with birdshot. He’s healed and happy now. My sweet sweet Jackypants.”

“QTip and Louie😍 2010-2018″

“Charlie is now 13 and still likes to chase the cat and play with his fur brother!”

“Sierra, my plott hound. She’s currently 14yrs old. This is her 2009 v 2018.”

There are hundreds more on our Facebook post! Don’t forget to add yours!

Featured Photo: Melodee O’Neal

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