See The Amazing Transformation Of This Sick, Abandoned Dog That Was Set To Be Euthanized

It is a heartbreaking truth that some abandoned dogs are euthanized. When their medical care is too expensive or they do not have a forever home, these pups face a grim future. With aid from generous benefactors, one lucky pup named Emu was spared this awful fate.

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A Tail of Survival

Someone found Emu, a sickly, senior dog, roaming the streets. Because he appeared to be in such dire straits, they brought the pup to a vet to be euthanized. Luckily, the veterinarian took one look at Emu and knew this dog had the will to live. So, the doctor brought Emu to a Sidewalk Specials adoption day. At the event, Emu found a foster family.

Then came the full court press effort to heal the pooch. Sidewalk Specials told Emu’s story on social media The organization started to see donations quickly. They raised the money needed for Emu’s treatment. He received the medical attention he needed and learned to trust humans through his loving foster home.

He did not heal overnight. It took much rehabilitation. Emu transitioned from a street pup to an animal with a loving family. That’s right, a family adopted Emu. He even got a bonus dog sibling.

We are so thankful for organizations like Sidewalk Specials and generous donations to help dogs like Emu. Watch this heartwarming story below.

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