Senior Dog Found In Public Bathroom With Note From Struggling Family

Louisiana animal control officers rushed to the scene after receiving a call about a dog found in a bathroom at Destrehan’s Splash Park. She was an elderly black Lab who appeared to be pregnant. But when they got a closer look, they noticed that she was just a little overweight. Someone had left chicken for her, which she had quickly gobbled down. This left her a little bloated, but otherwise okay. The pup was also left with a vague note, which led to the rest of Ladybird’s story. The officers quickly learned that this wasn’t an act of animal cruelty, but instead, it was about a family going through tough times.

Ladybird’s Family

The note left with Ladybird said: “Be nice 2 dog – got stuck no car – be back soon – give my dog some water – be back in morning.” There was also a water bottle beside it. Officials brought Ladybird to the St. Charles Parish Animal Shelter to keep her safe.

Senior Lab in Car
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Ladybird’s human biked back to the public bathroom in the morning just as his note had claimed. When she wasn’t there, he called animal control. They informed him about where his dog was, so he reached out to the shelter with the full story.

“He called us and said he still wants Ladybird, but just needs a few weeks to get back on his feet,” said Dr. Jena Troxler, veterinarian and animal shelter supervisor. “Ladybird and [her human] are homeless, and he has been living in [a shelter] trying to save his money so he and Ladybird can drive back to North Carolina where he has family willing to help him get back on his feet.”

The two have been best friends since Ladybird was only six weeks old. They spent a lot of time traveling the world together, but sometimes, things got tough. They always had his family in North Carolina to return to though. But this time, they had gotten stuck in Louisiana with no mode of transportation.

Ladybird AdventureLadybird Adventure
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Bringing Ladybird Home

Ladybird’s dad was desperate to help bring her to North Carolina. He knew she was getting older, so he wanted her to live out her last years in a familiar environment. The shelter staff was touched by this story. So, they reached out to non-profit organization Turning Rescues into Pets, who helped raise money for Ladybird’s needs. They soon raised enough money to get a kennel, orthopedic bed, kennel mat, and additional medical needs for Ladybird.

GreaterGood also helped by providing Ladybird with heartworm prevention and food. Then, Wings of Rescue planned to accommodate the pup on an upcoming transport to North Carolina. Ladybird’s dad kept in touch the entire time.

Lab Reunited with FamilyLab Reunited with Family
Image: Screenshot, @VBSPCA/Facebook

“You can truly tell how much Ladybird means to him and we are happy to be a part of keeping her safe until they can be together again,” Troxler said. “She has definitely been a staff favorite here at the shelter. Ladybird’s had quite the adventure recently.”

Once Ladybird was healthy enough, she boarded the transport, which brought her to the Virginia Beach SPCA. From there, a staff member drove her to her relative’s home, where she was thrilled to see a familiar face. Now, she can live out her senior years in a loving home, and it’s all thanks to the many kind humans who cared about her.

When you purchase items from the iHeartDogs store, a portion of those proceeds are donated to GreaterGood, who helps fund Wings of Rescue transports. Even small purchases can make a difference for dogs like Ladybird.

Ladybird Goes Home

All of us at the Virginia Beach SPCA are grateful to have been part of Ladybird’s story, but her journey was only possible because of the kind people at St. Charles Parish Animal Shelter who were committed to getting her home. An additional thanks goes out to St. Charles Humane Society, Louisiana for raising funds for the flight, Wings of Rescue for safely delivering Ladybird to Virginia, Turning Rescues Into Pets – TRIP for providing Ladybird with pet supplies and medical care, and Salon Versace Dog Wash & Grooming for generously pampering our sweet girl.UPDATE: Ladybird is doing wonderfully with her family in North Carolina! We had quite a few questions about her human in Louisiana, and we want everyone to know that he is doing well and is so happy that Ladybird is home. Ladybird’s journey to North Carolina was his plan and it was what he wanted for her, and we are happy we could help make that happen. He chose to stay in Louisiana and will join her as soon as he is ready!Any donations made through this post between now and the end of August will be split evenly between the organizations involved in this story. Thank you for your support and for helping all animals find homes.

Posted by Virginia Beach SPCA on Wednesday, August 5, 2020

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Featured Image: Screenshot, @VBSPCA/Facebook

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