Shelter Dog and His Unlikely Best Friend Go Home Together


It was obvious that these two were meant to be, and thanks to their new family, they’ll never have to be apart!

3-month-old kitten Coco (formerly Muffin) was a stray suffering from sarcoptic mange.  She was taken to the Royal Palm Beach Animal Control Center, and later rescued by Barky Pines Animal Rescue & Sanctuary, who treated her skin condition and showed her love.

There, she met 6-month-old Shih-Tzu pup Chico (formerly Rustle) who was taken out of an abusive home. The people caring for him noticed an odor to his face, and after a trip to the groomer to remove mats from around his nose and mouth, they realized that his mouth had been shut with a rubber band. His abuser was prosecuted, but the damage was bad enough that Chico needed surgery to remove the band.

Because the two were similar in size, Barky Pines staff decided to introduce Chico and Coco – and the two instantly became best friends! According to Cole & Marmalade, Chico’s gentle nature and Coco’s rambunctious attitude balanced their relationship perfectly!

But the day was quickly approaching that the two would be available for adoption. Barky Pines staff didn’t have high hopes that they would see each other again once they found new homes. But when Francisco and Margaret Freitas walked into the shelter to find a dog, they were willing to be open minded. When they approached Chico, Coco leapt into action as his self-appointed bodyguard!

The couple was impressed that the kitten was so protective of her friend, and did not want to separate Chico from his bestie. Chico and Coco were adopted together, and will be spending the holidays – and everyday – with each other!

It’s true that there’s a home out there for every pet. The perfect home for these two was one where they were both welcome – and they found it!

H/T: Cole & Marmalade
Featured Photo: Barky Pines Animal Rescue & Sanctuary/Facebook

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