Simon Cowell Has Emotional Meeting With Dog He Saved From Meat Farm

Simon Cowell might be one of the toughest judges on Britain’s Got Talent, but he has a soft spot for dogs. He has made many grand gestures to help dogs in need, often donating large amounts to dog rescue organizations. Helping dogs is so rewarding, but now he finally got to see the effect that his donations made.

On a recent episode of Good Morning Britain, Cowell finally met a dog he had helped save from a meat farm. Thanks to him, the pup named Robin is happy, healthy, and with a loving family.

Fluffy Maltese Mix
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Meet Robin

In 2018, Cowell donated over $32,600 to the Humane Society International. These funds were used to shut down a South Korean dog meat farm and rescue all the dogs held at that location. Thanks to Cowell’s generous donation, he saved over 200 dogs.

So far, the humane society has been able to close down 16 dog meat farms. They also helped the owners of the farms find better and more humane jobs in the process. After all, many of them are looking to get out of this cruel line of work. Unfortunately, there are still thousands of dogs that need to be saved from meat farms though.

Dog Meat FarmDog Meat Farm
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Robin the Maltese mix is just one of the many dogs that the humane society has saved so far. News reporter Philippa Tomson adopted Robin after he was rescued from the meat farm. Tomson described him as an incredible dog, and despite his rough past, he seems to be full of love and happiness.

Robin Sees His Hero

Cowell recently appeared on a pre-recorded interview of Good Morning Britain. On the show, Tomson discussed Cowell’s donation. Then, she surprised him by bringing Robin on stage. Cowell gets emotional when he meets the dog that his donation saved. The little dog happily sat in the judge’s arms for the rest of the show.

Simon Cowell Meets RobinSimon Cowell Meets Robin
Image: @robinakathugface/Instagram

“This is difficult for me… but it is important because, without people like you, he’d basically be in someone’s stomach,” Cowell said to Tomson. “Now you think about that, right? And dogs will give up their lives for you. They really would … and they’ll look after your kids, they put their lives in front of your kids. I’ve seen it with my dogs, and my dogs are tiny. So what you do is so important, bless you.”

Making a donation is one thing, but seeing how it impacts others is even more rewarding. Cowell continuously goes above and beyond to help dogs in need while still caring for four of his own beautiful pups. Even with his efforts though, about 30 million dogs are still killed for meat every year. So, the more support they can get, the better. Thank you Simon Cowell for saving so many dogs like Robin.

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Featured Image: @robinakathugface/Instagram

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