Singer Imelda May’s Late Dog Saved Her Infant’s Life Before Passing Away

During the coronavirus pandemic, Irish singer Imelda May had to say goodbye to a beloved family member. Her 13-year-old dog, Alfie, suddenly became ill, and she had no choice but to say goodbye. The situation was not ideal since it happened during the lockdown, but May made sure she was there for her dog as much as possible.

May reminisced about some good memories she had with Alfie before his death. One of the things that stood out to her the most was that the dog saved her daughter’s life when she was only an infant.

Alfie the Hero

In a recent interview, May explained how Alfie saved the child’s life. At the time, the 7-year-old girl was only a newborn. Somehow, Alfie had known exactly how to save her when she was in danger.

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At first, Alfie began whining and pacing, which was unusual for him. So, May followed him, and he led her to her baby. The little girl had pulled a plastic bag over her head and she was struggling to breathe.

“She had pulled a plastic bag over her face and he would not stop – like Lassie – getting me, running back and forward, whimpering until I followed him and I saw the plastic bag over her face,” said May.

May pulled the bag off her daughter’s head, and the little girl turned out to be fine thanks to Alfie. If he hadn’t jumped into action, it’s possible that the infant wouldn’t have been rescued in time.

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Remembering Alfie

Alfie’s heroic rescue was just one of the many memories May shared with him. She was very close to him, and he was by her side through every step of her music career. He was there when she was just getting started and he was there on tour with her. She said that he even had his own bunk on the tour bus. He experienced more of the world than most people do. So, saying goodbye was devastating for May.

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“Obviously, people are losing human family members, but he was certainly a family member,” said May. “It has been horrible. When it happened, we couldn’t go inside the vets. It was me kneeling on the ground of a car park in the dark.”

The cause of Alfie’s death is unclear. May thinks it was a stroke since he lost the use of his back legs. Saying goodbye to him in the parking lot of the vet’s office was not the best situation, but at least she got to be by his side when he passed away.

May later revealed that she got Alfie cremated. She decided to keep the ashes for now since she might be moving soon. It’s still difficult for her to accept that he’s actually gone, but at least she knows that he had an amazing life. Every dog deserves to be loved the way Alfie was.

Image: @ImeldaMayOfficial/Facebook

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Featured Image: @ImeldaMayOfficial/Facebook

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