Someone Adopted the Dog She Loved, Would She Ever See Him Again?

Hallee Fuqua was working on her degree from Oklahoma State University and spent her free time volunteering at the Humane Society of Stillwater. She absolutely loves dogs and wanted nothing more than a dog of her own. She wanted one so much that she asked her parents for one year after year for Christmas. They really thought she should wait until she finished college so, reluctantly, she waited.

Her time at the Humane Society gave her the opportunity to interact with lots of furry friends. Although this did help scratch the itch she had for getting a dog of her own, things became almost unbearable when she met her doggie soul mate. His name was Rambo and he stole her heart from the get go.

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At the time, he was about 2 years old and thought to be a Plot Hound mix. He weighed in at 60 pounds, was fun and energetic, and friendly with other animals, including cats. He was an absolute sweetie and Hallee fell hard. She started sending photos of him to her parents and spent as much time with him as she could.

One day in December, she was devastated to find out that Rambo had been adopted. Of course, part of her was happy for Rambo but she had always held out hope that Rambo would some day go home with her.

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What she didn’t know was that her parents had secretly adopted Rambo with the intention of giving him to her as a Christmas gift. They worked closely with the Humane Society of Stillwater to keep it all under wraps. Her dad, Lance Fuqua, filmed the big reveal and her reaction is priceless.

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By all accounts, Rambo and Hallee are very happy together. They visited the Humane Society together a couple months after he was adopted and were the picture of happiness. Hallee posted an adorable picture of her and Rambo together with the pup donning bunny ears for Easter.

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We tip our hats to Hallee’s family for pulling off the best gift ever and know that Rambo and his family will enjoy many happy years in their future together.

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