Special Needs Pup and Her Senior Friend Get to Take Home Everything They Touch on Shopping Spree!

It’s said that “every dog has their day,” and Rocky Kanaka is making sure that they do! Rocky Kanaka’s Dogs Day Out is one of our favorite series. In each episode, Rocky takes one lucky pup out of the shelter to have the best day of their life. That means special treats, trips to the beach, ball pits, kissing booths – whatever it takes to make them happy! Not only does Rocky put a smile on these faces, he’s boosting their confidence and helping get the word out that these dogs need homes!

In this episode, Rocky is taking out a very special, special needs girl. Freddie Mercury‘s sad story begins in a bag under a car in a car park. She had been born with defects, and then abused and abandoned at only 10 months old.

Luckily, her story has a “happily ever after.” Freddie quickly found someone to love her. Angela Adan is the ranch manager at Marley’s Mutts Rescue Ranch in California. You might recognize her (and Freddie!) from the $10,000 shopping spree Rocky Kanaka gave them earlier this year! Angela fell in love with Freddie and opened her home to the little pup.

Rocky offered today’s shopping spree to Freddie, but because she already has a loving home, he also let her bring a friend! Bosco is a big senior boy whose forever home still hasn’t found him yet – if you’re out there, he’s waiting for you!

These two weren’t given $10,000 but numbers don’t impress dogs. This time, Rocky agreed to buy anything these two touched! They checked out the treats, tested some beds, and took a long, long stroll down the toy aisle – it’s clear that Bosco loves squeaky toys!

Watch the episode here:

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Rocky is making a difference one dog at a time! Subscribe to his channel to catch the next episode of Dog’s Day Out. You can be a part of it by joining his channel on YouTube, where you’ll get access to special posts, including behind-the-scenes shots, discounts on merchandise, and the warm fuzzy feelings that come with making one dog feel special for even just one day!

See more of Freddie Mercury on Instagram, and learn more about adopting Bosco at MarleysMutts.org.

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