Spend Your Holiday With A Foster Dog!


Are you the kind of person who seeks out the dog at the party? Are you concerned that there may not be a dog at your family’s holiday get together this year and you’ll have to socialize with people? Become a holiday foster parent for a local shelter and BYOD (bring your own dog!)

Several shelters around the country seek fosters for the holidays, and it’s a win-win-win situation for all involved!

Holiday foster parents get to bring a furry friend to their Thanksgiving gathering, the dogs get a break from the shelter, and the caring staff get to spend more time with their families!

Holiday fostering also exposes these pets to potential adopters. You may not get a family member to the shelter, but when they get to meet an adorable adoptable face-to-face, it may open their minds and their hearts to the possibility of adding a pet to the family!

Holiday fostering isn’t new this year – Richmond Animal Care and Control began holiday fostering several years ago and have seen a lot of success with the program. The first year, about 35 pets were taken out for Thanksgiving, and around half were adopted by new friends they met that day! Since then other shelters have adopted similar programs, asking locals who may not be able to adopt or long-term foster to get their pets out of the kennels for just a little while. The pets get a nice meal, a day out, and a lot more exposure than they’d get in their kennels!

Even if you plan to spend Thanksgiving alone on your couch, consider inviting a friend from the shelter over to watch the parade or share a little turkey! Check the list below or with your local shelters to see if you can share your holiday with a friend! Don’t worry if you missed the foster deadline for Thanksgiving – many shelters are seeking fosters for the Christmas holiday too!

These are just a few of the shelters who we’ve heard are seeking holiday fosters – but there are more out there! Call your local shelters! If you know of any that are not on this list, let us know on Facebook so we can add it here and spread the word!

Angel City Pit Bulls
Family Dog Rescue
Kern County Animal Services

Lifeline Animal Project

Gateway Pet Guardians

The Animal Foundation

New Mexico
Bernalillo County Animal Care

Saved Me

Austin Animal Center
BARC Houston
Euless Animal Services
K-9 Angels Rescue
Montgomery County Animal Shelter
Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter

Richmond Animal Care & Control
Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation
Portsmouth Humane Society

Albert’s Dog Lounge

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