Sports Commentator Hilariously Narrates His Dogs Fighting Over A Bone

Sometimes I think I could just watch my dog do dog things for hours. As it turns out, I could also just watch someone else’s dogs do dog things, especially when accompanied by color-commentary. With sporting events and other large gatherings canceled for the time being, Scottish Sports Commentator Andrew Cotter found himself with some extra time at home. So thankfully, he recorded a video of his dogs and provided professional-level play by play. It’s some high-quality quarantine entertainment!

In the viral YouTube video, a Black Lab named Olive and a Yellow Lab named Mabel lie near one another on the floor. Olive chews on an orange toy that Mabel really seems to want. This is our proverbial “match.” As Cotter described it on Twitter:

“Some sports are slower. More about the strategy.”

Screenshot, @mrandrewcotter/YouTube

Cotter provides commentary for events like Wimbledon and the Olympics. He uses the exact same style of delivery for this “Game Of Bones.”

Trust me though, these are some high stakes. For most of this “match” Olive maintains possession of the toy. Mabel never loses her gaze on it though, ready to take it away at any second.

“20 seconds to go. Olive closing in on victory and that coveted prize of being told that she’s a very good dog…”

Screenshot, @mrandrewcotter/YouTube

Then: a turning point in the riveting match comes when Olive lets her guard down a bit and stands the toy up. Eager Mabel seizes her opportunity to claim the toy for herself.

“And you wonder what Olive is doing here. She only has to hold on, going to the upright though… With no opposable thumbs, high risk at this stage- AND IT’S GONE AND MABEL TAKES IT! No mercy from the younger dog who takes this victory just as time runs out! A famous win built on patience and sheer belief.”

What an absolutely brutal defeat for Olive!

Screenshot, @mrandrewcotter/YouTube

Here’s some great news: this one is the second video of its kind! Cotter also recorded commentary as the two dogs “raced” to finish their food first. Hopefully, this continues as a long-term Mabel and Olive series after quarantine!

The Post-Match Interview

Cotter told The Telegraph the video’s success is a sign people are craving joy and entertainment right now.

“It just shows how much we are all missing sport and what we term ‘normal life.’ We absolutely take it for granted and we are at last realising that. I believe when sport returns, there will be a huge outpouring and it will not nearly be as cynical as before. Hopefully, that will be soon, as I am unemployed.”

He also noted that Olive and Mabel have no awareness of their viral fame.

“They have no idea what’s going on in the world or that they are being laughed at in many countries. In fact they have little clue about anything at the best of times, but anyone who has a dog knows how important they are just now.”

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What do you say, Olive and Mabel fans? Rematch??

Featured Image: Screenshot, @mrandrewcotter/YouTube

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