Stray Dog Kept Five Kittens Warm On The Side Of The Road. Now She Needs A Home.

On a cold night in Ontario, Canada, cars drove down the road as usual. Unfortunately, many of them did not notice the dog laying on the side of the road. A sweet stray dog named Serenity was curled up on the snowy roadside on a cold night. Luckily, someone finally noticed her and decided to call for help. However, when they approached Serenity, they realized that she was not alone. This stray dog was curled up around 5 tiny kittens!

As soon as this Good Samaritan noticed the dog and kittens shivering on the side of the road, they called Pet and Wildlife Rescue. Serenity appeared to be curled around these tiny black kittens in an attempt to keep them warm. It is unclear how long she had been with the kittens or what happened to their cat mother, but Pet and Wildlife Rescue rushed to the scene right away.


A Motherly Instinct

Serenity could’ve easily found a warmer and more comfortable place for herself on that cold night, but she wasn’t thinking about herself at all. She likely saw those kittens in need and rushed to do whatever she could to save them. If it weren’t for her caring nature, the kittens likely wouldn’t have survived.

Even when Serenity and the kittens were brought to the shelter, she still didn’t want to leave their side. The shelter posted adorable photos of her protecting her ‘babies’ at the shelter. 


Serenity and the kittens are currently staying at a foster family together. The kittens are being kept safe and healthy there. Once they grow older, they will be put up for adoption. However, Serenity is looking for her forever home as soon as possible!

Adopt Serenity!

Even though Serenity would likely love to find a home with at least one of the kittens, she doesn’t want to have to wait to find her forever family. After hearing her story, lots of people already want to adopt her. She is thrilled that her story and cute face are enough to get people interested.


The shelter guesses that Serenity is about two years old, so she’s still young with lots of energy. She is a sweet girl that will clearly do well in a home with other cats, but she still has a lot of manners and commands to learn. She needs a home that is willing to teach her new things and embrace her sweet, energetic nature.

Even though many people have expressed interest in Serenity, the shelter is going to work hard to make sure she goes to the perfect home. The staff have fallen in love with her in just a short period of time, and they want to make sure she goes home with the right family.

If you or someone you know is interested in adopting Serenity or any of the kittens, please contact Pet and Wildlife Rescue to get more details!


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