Stray Dog Rescues Toddler, Finds Forever Home with Her

They say “everything happens for a reason.” Sometimes it takes a while for the reason to reveal itself. For one family in Sevier County, Tennessee, the appearance of a stray dog was unusual. After a month, the reason the stray dog frequented their home became apparent. Some even called it a miracle.


A black and white dog began visiting Sima Bentley’s home. She wasn’t sure whom he belonged to. But the stray dog made it clear he was bound to her home with his regular visits.

On Facebook, Sima said, “He showed up at my house about a month ago and hasn’t left. I’ve talked to everyone within a mile from me and nobody knows this sweet guy.”

The pup had no identification. But it was clear he was a wonderful dog. Sima said, “We have grown to love him but I know someone is missing him. He’s such a sweet fella and full of love. If anyone is missing him please pm me. You will have to prove he is yours to take him from my home. I won’t let him go to someone I feel might hurt him.”

A reason revealed

The stray dog bonded quickly with Sima’s granddaughter, 2-year-old Aurora Bentley. The pup was very protective of her.

One day, another stray dog wandered onto the property. He saw Aurora and began moving toward her. Thankfully, the black and white stray dog appeared at the exact right time.

In an interview with WATE-TV, Sima said, “He ran across the yard and put himself in between Aurora and the other stray dog. The dog attacked him instead of attacking the baby.”

After the attack, the black and white dog was taken to Sevier Animal Care Center. There he received treatment and was put up for adoption. Because of his coloring, the brave dog was named Oreo.

When Oreo became available, the Bentley family knew they couldn’t let him go.

Sima said, “At the time I was just on a mission to save the dog. I didn’t even realize what had happened and we weren’t really looking to adopt a dog.”

It was serendipity because Aurora’s third birthday was shortly after the attack. To celebrate her birthday, the family gave Oreo a forever home. With them. Sima said,

“I tell people all the time that God shows up when you least expect him. And for me, that was God putting an angel in our yard that day. I’m so grateful that we get to keep him. He’s going to be a very spoiled dog at this point. He’s going to go everywhere we go, he’s going to sleep in the house on a bed and whatever he wants, he’s going to get.”

Watch this brave dog find his forever family in the video below.

H/T The Western JournalFeatured Image: The Mountain Press

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