Stray with a Broken Back Gets Her Wheels!

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A good Samaritan found Diana on the side of a busy road in central Oklahoma and called a local shelter for assistance. When the animal control officer found her, Diana was unable to walk and covered in grass and burrs. The officer took her to her home and called Friends with Four Paws for help. X-rays revealed a broken back that had snapped like a twig. No one except Diana knows exactly what happened to her. What we do know is that she is safe now.

Friends with Four Paws

With the money Friends with Four Paws saves by receiving food donations from’s Rescue Bank, they were able to shift funds to pay for Diana’s treatments and new wheelchair, which she absolutely adores! She loves to play fetch and terrorize her dog friends. She is a sweet and affectionate girl, full of life and as happy as can be!

Friends with Four Paws

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