Stuck Inside Due To The Weather? Treat Your Pup To This Super Stimulating Dog Activity!

Do you dread rainy days? The weather forecast might put a damper on your whole day before the first drops start falling if you have an energetic dog. It means canceled walks. No trips to the dog park. And a dog with so much pent up energy it could fill the whole house. You know that if you don’t have a stimulating dog activity planned for him, he’ll find something to do on his own. And that something that might not be constructive. It may even be something destructive.

But fear not, because iHeartDogs knows of a fantastic, fun, stimulating dog activity that your dog will love! Rainy days are a perfect time to hone your dog’s scent skills by getting some nose work done. Any dog can do it, and it’s so much fun your dog will never know he’s training at all!

A nose work or snuffle mat takes up hardly any space. It turns what might be considered “work” into a super fun, super stimulating dog activity. The fabric strips (usually fleece) allow you to hide treats that your dog can smell. But he’ll have to do a little work if he wants to eat them! It’s a game that’s rewarding for you both! Honing your dog’s scent skills together will strengthen your bond and build confidence in your dog that you may not have seen before.

A snuffle mat can keep your pet occupied and help him release whatever energy he might usually burn off outside. He’ll be exercising both his body and his mind as he sniffs and digs his way to treats – without damaging couch cushions. Your dog will get the hang of it in no time. And it will quickly become his new favorite activity, whether he can go outdoors or not!

The Sniff Diggy™ Nose Work Mat is the perfect snuffle mat for an active (or not so active) dog. The game can get bigger with more places for your dog to dig around by connecting mats. That means more treats for your pup, more exercise and mental stimulation, and more time spent with your best friend. The Sniff Diggy™ Mat is also machine washable so keeping it clean is as easy as throwing it in your washer. And on a rainy day, or any other day you can’t get your dog outdoors, Sniff Diggy™ can provide about the same amount of exercise and mental stimulation that your dog would get on his walk.

Who says a day indoors can’t be fun for a dog? Your pup’s Sniff Diggy™ will provide him with a lifetime of fun, sharper scent skills, and a stimulating dog activity that can be done rain or shine. And every Sniff Diggy™ purchased from the iHeartDogs store will give back to shelter dogs in need!

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