Student’s Service Dog Honored With Yearbook Photo & Plaque


11-year-old Rachel is graduating from elementary school, and while her teachers and friends will miss her this summer, they know she is in good paws!

Rachel’s service dog, Linda made quite an impression during her once or twice weekly visits to the school.

In addition to assisting Rachel, who has spina bifida and relies on a wheelchair, Linda also took it upon herself to comfort other students.

“She will be there to help with tests when the kids start to get a little anxious or nervous,” said Rachel’s mom, Heidi Race. “She picks up on it – and she’ll go over and the kid will pet her, give her some love. It gives them a break to calm down.”

Rachel’s 5th grade teacher, Ashley Desmond, also noted the positive impact Linda had on the entire class.

“If we could all have a service dog in our classrooms! I mean – it’s amazing the changes that I have seen in my students and how it’s brought us all together as a family,” Desmond said.

And Linda’s contributions have not gone unnoticed by the administration. She was honored this week with a plaque and an official photo in the school yearbook!

Even though Rachel is moving on to middle school this fall, her mom says she still plans to bring Linda by the school for occasional visits.

“She definitely is the honorary mascot,” Race said.

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