Study Shows Raising A Dog Makes Relationships Happier And Your Partner Sexier

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably the kind of person who nearly breaks out in song at the sight of any doggo. At the very least, you have urges to give them all the belly rubs. If you’re in a relationship then you may feel the same way about your partner- especially if they emptied the dishwasher that day. But, in the event that your relationship needed a little boost of happiness, there’s hope!

Want A Happy Relationship? Adopt A Dog!

A study done by found that couples who raise a dog together are happier than couples who don’t get to come home to a wagging tail every day. The results of this particular survey are reported by and they may surprise you. Getting a dog is a huge commitment for a couple. It can be an indicator of how things will go with future children and it helps build lasting bonds. Welcoming a dog into your relationship also changes the dynamics of daily life.

A whopping 60% of dog parents said that raising a dog together made their relationship stronger. Imagine this: You and your partner walk into a shelter and lay eyes on a lovable hound with a crooked smile. Both of you instantly know he’s the one. You’ve found the missing piece to your family and you take the first step to expand your relationship. You walk out with a new four-legged friend. He thinks that both of you are the greatest thing in the world! You and your partner go gaga over spoiling your new furbaby with treats, toys, and snuggles galore! It’s a story fit for a sappy movie. It’s easy to see why so many dog moms and dads think their pups make their bond stronger!

Teamwork Makes The Doggy Dream Work

50% of the survey participants said that having a dog makes them spend more time together as a couple. Who doesn’t love watching their dog frolic around the dog park? Taking your dog to the park or going for a relaxing walk is a great way to bond with your dog and partner and many people are already in on the secret.

88% of the participants agreed that being responsible for another life is a huge undertaking. Obviously, having a partner to share in the duties takes a huge weight off. This is especially important if you have to go through the puppy phase. Much like a human baby, puppies are known to keep you up at night and they require strict boundaries. Having two sets of watchful eyes and the ability to divvy up sleep between potty breaks really helps to survive puppyhood while strengthening relationship bonds.

Almost half of the survey participants agreed that they thought their partner was sexier after getting a dog together. On the flip side, one out of every six people said that their sex life went a little downhill after getting a dog. There’s something a little off-putting about a furry paw in your bed or a big set of eyes watching the magic start happening. Netflix and chill is a little hard when there’s a playful pooch trying to play tug-o-war on the couch!

Image courtesy of Morris Animal Inn

Lastly, 36% of people said that it would be a deal-breaker if the person they were dating wasn’t a dog person, and 100% of us can probably agree!

Featured Photo: Shea Rouda

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