Stuffed Dog Lives It Up When Left At Hotel

All children have that one special toy they cannot live without. For 2-year-old Juniper Kuykendall that toy is a stuffed dog named Ruff Ruff. 

Last month, Juniper and her family – including Ruff Ruff –  traveled to Richmond, Virginia for a soccer tournament. Much to the little girl’s dismay, her beloved pup went missing somewhere between Richmond and home.

Photo c/o Allison Kuykendall

A Hotel Goes Above & Beyond To Ease A Child’s Mind

Juniper’s mom, Allison Kuykendall, contacted the Hilton Doubletree Midlothian Hotel and was delighted by their response. Not only did the hotel staff mail Ruff Ruff home, they helped ease Juniper’s mind with photos of the toy helping the staff and enjoying the amenities!

Allison shared the following post on Facebook where it earned more than 85,000 likes.

“As many of you know, she [Juniper] loves her “Ruff Ruff”. He goes everywhere she goes. Sadly, we realized we left him behind last weekend at our hotel in Richmond during the girls’ soccer tournament. I called the hotel when we got home to ask if anyone had seen him. A few days later we get a package and much to her surprise Ruff Ruff was delivered safely back into her arms. Hilton Double Tree Midlothian went above and beyond the call of duty. They sent her a personal letter with photos of all that Ruff Ruff did while he was away. Thank you, Doubletree by Hilton Richmond-Midlothian!!”

Photo c/o Allison Kuykendall

Ruff Ruff’s Day Off

The photos show Ruff Ruff relaxing in a king size bed,

Photo c/o Allison Kuykendall

Booking a new reservation on the computer,

Photo c/o Allison Kuykendall

Chatting on the phone at the front desk,

Photo c/o Allison Kuykendall

And relaxing by the pool.

Photo c/o Allison Kuykendall

Needless to say, Ruff Ruff returned from Richmond rested and ready to resume his duties as Juniper’s best pal.

Nothing Says ‘I Missed You’ Like Cookies

Along with the photos, the Doubletree staff included some of their signature cookies and a sweet handwritten note:

“Dear Juniper, thanks for letting us borrow Ruff Ruff for a day! He was such a big help around the hotel. Don’t worry, he didn’t work too hard and we gave him plenty of playtime! He’s missed you so much! Thanks again, and hope you and Ruff Ruff visit us again soon! Love, Doubletree Team.”

Photo c/o Allison Kuykendall

The hotel staff certainly went above and beyond the call of duty for the Kuykendall family. As an adult who still has her own childhood stuffed dog, I can especially appreciate their efforts!

H/T to Washington Post

All Images Courtesy of Allison Kuykendall

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