Sweet Little Girl And Her Newfies Will Melt Your Heart

There isn’t much that can come between the love a little girl has for her dogs. Not even stolen cookies! You may remember the viral story about the adorable girl and her Newfie a few years back. The attitudey Newf hilariously protested his attendance at his sister’s tea party… until the crumpets were served! He huffed and puffed and pouted on the ground while she graciously served him delicious imaginary tea. It was only when she delivered him a plate of “crumpets” that his mood changed. The hungry giant seemed to swallow the cookies whole and then went over and stole his sister’s too!

“He has my crumpets!” she cried.

Well, the adorable pair is still at it, and the crumpet stealing hasn’t slowed down!

Protectors, Partners In Crime and BFFs

Sebastian and Samson are the proud dogs of some sweet little girls. Their human sisters are always in on their antics. They play hide and seek, peek at Christmas gifts and even dance in the rain together!

Newfies are fuzzy balls of fluff and love. They’re fiercely loyal to their families, and they’ll stop at nothing to keep their loved ones safe. We imagine life with little kids and gentle giants can get a bit stressful. Samson and Sebastian’s mom seems to take it all in stride.

Their human sisters include Samson and Sebastian in all that they do. They spoil each other in goodbye kisses as the girls head out for school. The big boys let their sisters brush their hair and play dress up. And, they even went trick or treating together dressed as a couple of aliens! After watching just a couple of their videos, it’s easy to fall in love with them.

Speaking of being in love with something, after all this time, these lovable Newfs are still in love with snacks! Their snack-stealing antics are still in full swing. And they don’t care if clean ballet clothes become collateral damage.

All snacks within sniffing-range are fair game for these hungry furbabies! But hold the carrots.

All Tricks And Lots Of Treats

From homework help to bedtime interruptions, Samson and Sebastian are the first ones to lend a helping paw. They even tolerate school carpools and drop-off lines! The dynamic duo isn’t all about business, though. They’ve been known to take a dive into the pool, and they’re avid fans of a good game of fetch! Plus, believe it or not, they even moonlight as a magician’s assistant.

The world needs more characters like Samson and Sebastian!

h/t: @welovenewfies/Instagram

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