Sweet Shelter Dog With Skin Allergies Finds Perfect Home After Three Years!


There is a perfect home out there for every shelter dog, it just takes some longer than others to find it! Snow, an American Bulldog, is finally in a home of her own after spending nearly three years at Dogs Trust Honiley Rehoming Centre in Kenilworth.

Snow was surrendered in 2016 when her owner was no longer able to care for her due to circumstances beyond their control. Staff at the shelter fell in love with Snow, who they said had an “endearing personality” and is extremely intelligent. Snow suffers from skin allergies that require frequent medicated baths and foot “spas.” Her favorite carer, Hannah Blanchard, taught her how to present her paws to have them bathed, as well as several other tricks.

Photo: Dogs Trust

While Snow was waiting for a home she was not without admirers. Jacky Elliott had seen her photo online a few times and was surprised that such a smart, sweet girl was still left waiting.

“I had seen Snow on the website numerous times over the past year and each time I saw her sweet face, I couldn’t believe she was still there. When I was eventually in the position to bring a dog into my life, I called Dogs Trust Kenilworth and went along to meet her.”

Photo: Dogs Trust

Proving to be the right home for Snow took time, and required multiple visits to the Honiley Rehoming Centre to earn Snow’s trust.

“Snow can struggle with meeting new people so it has taken a few weeks of visiting her, and her coming out to see me in the home, before she was ready to come home – but she was worth the wait!”

Photo: Dogs Trust

Jacky understands that Snow’s skin condition will require extra attention and care, and she’s completely on board! In fact, she feels as though she’s found a kindred spirit!

“I feel as though Snow and I already had a connection as we both suffer from skin conditions – I have eczema – so I can totally relate to her allergy symptoms and feel that me giving her a home was just meant to be. We’re going to be very happy and I can’t wait to give her a wonderful life.”

Dogs Trust Kenilworth’s Rehoming Centre Manager Emma Healey, said:

“Waving goodbye to Snow was a bittersweet day for everyone. She is so well-loved here so naturally we were sad to see her go. But knowing she has gone to a loving home where she’ll be so happy make it all worthwhile for us.

“We truly believe that a dog is for life and there really is an owner out there for every dog. We couldn’t have wished for a more perfect home for Snow and her new owner absolutely adores her. Snow was known to take a while to build bonds with new people but after a number of visits from Jacky and the hard work Hannah put in with making her feel comfortable, it really was a match made in heaven and we couldn’t be happier.”

Photo: Dogs Trust

Congratulations to Snow and the Elliot family! See more adoptable pets at Dogs Trust online!

All photos provided by Dogs Trust.

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