Terminally Ill Dog Rescued And Lives Final Days Filled With Love

A loving dog named Coco, (Spanish for Coconut) found himself facing an untimely illness, with no one by his side to help him fight. Coco was taken in by four different families, but was returned each time due to the complications of his illness.

After being told by veterinarians that he has no more than 40 days to live, it was beginning to look like he would spend his last days in a shelter. Luckily for him, a kind man named Luciano wanted to change this fate.

Luciano, the 21 year old man with the beautiful heart, heard about Coco’s condition. Like so many others before him were, he was not afraid of his daunting appearance. The cancer had spread to Thanos’ head and lungs, giving him a severe deformity of his head and nasal passages. Despite his unique physical features, the two instantly became the best of friends, and Luciano renamed him Thanos.

Thanos was about to experience the best days of his life.

It was quite hard for Luciano to take this loving pup home, knowing that he would have so little time left with him. He even sought another opinion from different veterinarians, but after his grim prognosis was confirmed, he set out to make his last days his best yet.

“I found it difficult to accept how little time left we had together. I took him to a veterinarian who works with stem cells to see what he could do, looking for a little more hope. He told me there was no treatment that could extend his time. I came out with a piece of my heart in my hands.”

Hasta pronto dulce amor, cuidate pequeña flor,lograste cambiar tu mi camino,donde estes alli estaré, donde sueñes…

Posted by Luciano Karosas on Friday, June 7, 2019

If it weren’t for the tumors on Thanos’ head, you would never know he had cancer. He was as playful as any other dog, and truly lit up in the young man’s home. He spent his remaining time playing fetch, going on car rides, and cuddling with his loving adopter.

Luciano fell head over heels in love with the pup in no time at all. The feeling was mutual!

Unfortunately, Thanos passed away about two weeks after he was adopted. We can’t know exactly how Thanos felt, but I can only imagine just how thankful he was for having experienced true love, and leaving this world in the arms of the man who rescued him. Luciano will always remember their incredible friendship. He shared this touching farewell on Facebook, the words taken from a musical:

See you soon sweet love, take care little flower,
You managed to change your way,
Where you are there I will be, where dream will dream, it is clear, you do not see that we have achieved, eternally love, time has not happened. You and me!
Who can separate us? Who dares to challenge?
The strength that is in me,
Now that you are next to me… for the centuries I will have you, nothing has me
Stop, I ask you hope I’m going to you, and finally just for me you will ? I’ll love you forever baby of dad. Good trip ?

Thanos’ story speaks volumes for the difference we can make for so many unwanted animals in this world. By giving them a chance to experience love, we are giving them the world!

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Image Source: @ILoveOutis/Twitter

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