Terminally Ill Man’s Dying Wish Is for His Rescue Dogs to Find Forever Home

We all want what’s best for our beloved fur babies. But what if you were told you were dying? Who would take care of them? Would they be loved? A San Antonio man is facing these unthinkable questions. His dying wish…to find permanent homes for the remaining 11 of his 27 rescue dogs.

Mr Richards Rescue Dogs

A generous benefactor

Two years ago,  Richard Ewers, 71, began taking in stray or abandoned pups. Last year when Mr. Richard, as he is known by his friends, was diagnosed with cancer, volunteers began helping him support his adopted dogs.

Unfortunately, Mr. Richard’s stomach cancer took a turn for the worse. Recently he was put into hospice and given a week to live and not all of his dogs have homes.

Two years ago, when Mr. Richard began housing the pups, local volunteers and donors helped vaccinate and spay and neuter the dogs. Now that Mr. Richard is in hospice, volunteers like Mary Oyler from Save Our Strays San Antonio, visit the dogs daily.

Oyler told KSAT 12, “We are very sad by this, of course, and we want to make that last wish come true for him.”

Without their constant, the dogs are suffering. Oyler said, “Not having Mr. Richard here, there’s confusion, loneliness. There’s depression.”

Unfortunately, the dogs’ current living conditions are not optimal. They enter and exit Mr. Richard’s house through an open window. The volunteers bring them food and water daily. But, Olyer worries the dogs spend too much time without human interaction.

She said, “There’s no one to give them attention and love. There is no running water. There is no electricity. The conditions are just not ideal.”

The dogs relied on Mr. Richard’s care for two years. It will be a large adjustment when they move into their forever homes. “There’s a lot of work involved,” Oyler said. “All they’ve ever known is Mr. Richard, so it’s going to require a family that has a lot of patience.”

You can help

Do you want to support Mr. Richard’s dogs? You can! Visit the Facebook page dedicated to finding the dogs forever homes. You can adopt or foster the pups.

Watch the story of love and compassion below.


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