Terminally Ill Pooch Becomes An Honorary Police Dog For A Day


On October 1, the Miller family of Wilmington, NC received heartbreaking news. Their beloved 14-year-old Parson Russell Terrier, Jack has terminal cancer. But until his final day comes, the Millers have vowed to fill Jack’s days with fun and adventure. This weekend they checked a big item off his Bucket List with a ride in a police car – plus plenty of extras courtesy of the Wilmington PD!

In addition to his exciting ride in Sergeant Lisa Kittrell’s police cruiser, Jack accompanied the officer on foot patrol through a local park, meeting with several local kids and dogs along the way.

Later, he visited the Wilmington Police Department headquarters and the 911 center where the ladies showered him with affection. Jack’s new law enforcement pals even named him an honorary police K9 – complete with his very own K9-Unit T-shirt!

Additional items on Jack’s Bucket List include a big steak dinner, plenty of trips to the beach, a boat ride, a picnic at a park, and a visit to a petting zoo – several of which have been checked off since Jeremy Miller shared Jack’s story on Facebook earlier this month.

“The outreach and support from the community has been pretty overwhelming and humbling to say the least,” Miller told WECT News.

One community member took Jack on a boat ride to Masonboro Island, and another has offered to have the Millers visit her farm where Jack can meet the animals. Kevin Murphy with Ocean Cure even reached out to offer the pooch a complimentary surfing lesson!

The Millers are incredibly grateful to the Wilmington PD and everyone who has offered support and kind words. Jeremy Miller says Jack deserves the best in his time of need because he has always been there for the family.

“He’s my brother. He’s my best friend. He’s gotten me through my darkest times,” he said. “He’s gotten a lot of us through our darkest times. But he doesn’t ask for anything. All he asks for is your love. That’s what it boils down to. He’s just, he’s everything. He’s our world.”

You can continue to follow Jack’s Bucket List journey on Facebook.

H/T to WECT News & Fox News

Featured Images via Facebook/Jack Miller

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