Thanks To You, 2 Broken Back Legs Won’t Stop Ruthie!

Part of each sale on the store is donated to, which offers grants for charities and programs like Rescue Bank. Some rescues could not run without the kind donations from organizations like this. Customers like you are the reason uplifting stories like the one below are possible!

At just 2-3 months old, little puppy Ruthie was abandoned. When rescuers found her, she was emaciated, covered in pyoderma, and had two broken back legs. Soon after she arrived at Detroit Animal Care and Control, I Heart Dogs Rescue & Animal Haven committed to getting Ruthie the medical care she needed to survive.

Courtesy of I Heart Dogs Rescue & Animal Haven

They took her to Eastpointe Animal Hospital for emergency surgery. Ruthie eventually had plates inserted in her legs that will need removal in the upcoming months. For now though, she’s moving around freely and in the loving care of a foster family.

“The little girl must have been in so much pain with two broken legs, but she is happily walking around now after getting hardware in both legs.” – I Heart Dogs Rescue & Animal Haven via Facebook

Courtesy of I Heart Dogs Rescue & Animal Haven

Your support, the kindness of rescue organizations like I Heart Dogs Rescue & Animal Haven, and skilled veterinarians saved this abandoned girl’s life!

How Rescue Bank Helped Ruthie

The lifesaving surgery Ruthie needed cost over $2,000, but the rescue, fortunately, numbers among Rescue Bank‘s partners. So, what does this mean? It means they can focus fewer resources on food purchases and more on other important efforts.

Rescue Bank operates on a food bank model. They receive food donations from manufacturers and retailers and distribute it to their partner organizations. When nutritious pet food nears its “best by” date, has minor packaging defects, or is being re-branded, manufacturers will donate that food. Then, Rescue Bank makes food grants to community-based animal welfare groups.


These donations allow the rescues to use their funds where they’re most needed. In this case, that money paid for Ruthie’s surgery. Since I Heart Dogs Rescue saved money on nutritious food, they were able to put it towards helping poor Ruthie. They shared:

“Because of Rescue Bank, we are able to get dogs like Ruthie the medical treatment they need and the nutrition too! Donations of food and other supplies we might regularly have to purchase frees up funds to go toward animals in need of extraordinary care.”

To help out more dogs like Ruthie, shop for eligible products in the iHeartDogs store!

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