Thanks To You, Abandoned Senior Dog Stu Has Been Saved

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Senior dogs who find themselves at shelters have it rough. They’re much harder to get adopted, and at some shelters they’re first on the list for euthanasia when space is low. Most adopters walking into shelters are looking for puppies, not older dogs.

Fortunately, the stats for senior dog adoptions are improving. Following a 2017 survey, Dr. Lisa Lunghofer, Executive Director of The Grey Muzzle Organization noted:

“Based on their hands-on experience, two-thirds of our survey respondents reported that the situation for homeless senior dogs has improved over the past year or two. No dog is more grateful or loving than a senior. As more people discover their wonderful qualities, more old dogs are getting the second chance they deserve.”

Senior dogs deserve a loving home just as much as any other dog. Many know this to be true, and that’s what saved an old dog from California named Stu. That, and transport from a high-risk area.

Transport From California Saved Stu’s Life

When Stu reached old age, his family dumped him at the Coachella Shelter. He was later transferred to the San Jacinto Shelter, where START Rescue stepped in to save him as part of their skip-a-cup club.

START does monthly animal transports to vetted contracted partners in the Pacific Northwest. The rescued animals usually come from California shelters and rescuers in Mexico. START provides their Rescue Partners with links to their inventory of at-risk animals. Then, those Rescue Partners make their choices for the upcoming transport.

Prior to loading up on a truck, the dogs are examined and receive all vaccinations.

Inside of a START transport vehicle.

These pups are not displacing anyone. They’re filling empty spaces. START Rescue explains it best on their website:

“Simply stated, our Rescue Partners “need” dogs (and cats) as much as we need, and we are grateful to them.”

This past week, Stu arrived via START’s transport at Cheryl of My Way Home Rescue in Portland, OR. For now, he’s ” getting the royal treatment” from his foster mom. His home isn’t permanent yet, but he’s not in a shelter and he has a real chance.

Since 2011, START Rescue has saved an average of 1,500 animals a year, all adopted into loving homes. Now, formerly abandoned Stu may soon number among those success storiesThanks to your support, dogs’ lives are saved.

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Featured Image: START Rescue

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