The 12 Dog Breeds Perfect for Apartment Living

Dog lovers come from all different parts of the country: some have acres of land, some have large backyards, and some have apartments. Living in a multi-unit building does not preclude you from getting a pup. If you have a loving home, a dog is right for you. All dogs require some form of exercise, but there are many dog breeds perfect for apartment living.

You can get a dog even if you don’t have a yard. These are some of our favorites for apartment life.

12 Best Dog Breeds for Apartment Dwellers

1. Bichon Frise

These white fluff balls are wonderful companions for life without a big backyard. The small pups usually grow to be no more than 18 pounds.  Bichons aren’t known to be big barking dogs and they don’t shed much. They do need exercise, but, hey, that could be a fantastic motivator to get you both out of the house.

2. Beagle

Beagles are a great fit for a smaller space. They don’t grow to be too big (typically under 20 pounds). These happy-go-lucky pups love to be around people, so they fit in well at home. Beagles aren’t known to be massive shedders and need infrequent baths.

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3. Boston Terrier

These sweet pups are another good fit for apartment-life. Boston Terriers have fantastic manners, are compact, and always look like they’re wearing a Tuxedo. Need we say more? Joking aside, this breed of Terrier is known to be quiet and gentle. Less barking to bother the neighbors.

4. Bulldog

These voluminous pups are known to be sweet and gentle. The Bulldog body type doesn’t lend itself to intense exercise. In fact, Bulldogs have a distinctive waddle that doesn’t allow them to move as fluidly as other types of dogs. They are  a good fit for an apartment-lifestyle because of their low endurance.

5. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

You may recognize this silky breed from Charlotte York’s apartment on Sex and The City. These pretty pups love to snuggle and at no more than 18 pounds, they won’t take up a lot of space. With their sweet, gentle features, it’s hard not to fall in love with these beauties.

6. Chihuahua

Another small breed fit for living in apartments is the charming Chihuahua. They don’t require much exercise and are especially fond of their humans. They make great companions around your home. Chihuahuas are so small you can build them a tiny obstacle course in your home to practice agility.

7. Dachshund

Meet the dog of many names. These playful pups are sometimes known as a doxin or doxie, and sometimes a wiener dog. Whatever you call your hound, call them a good fit for apartment-dwelling. Their super short legs mean they don’t need tremendous amounts of exercise. No wonder they’re one of the most popular breeds in the US.

8. Greyhound

Don’t be mistaken by their long legs and reputation as one of the fastest dogs around. These pups are calm and gentle. They fit in well in a smaller space because while they do need exercise, a daily walk or trip to the dog park meets their needs. Greyhounds are well-known for their love of lounging, so they can hang around with you during a Netflix binge.

9. Havanese

The only dog breed known to be from Cuba (Havana. Get it?), the Havanese is an ideal candidate for an apartment. They are sociable and are even nicknamed “Velcro Dogs” because of their preference to be close to their human as often as possible. Havaneses are known to be quite adaptable, happy to live where their human is – city or suburb, townhouse, or condo.

10. Japanese Chin

This silky beauty is sometimes called the most “feline” breed. The toy-sized dogs are known for their royal lineage. They are friendly, small in stature, and content to dwell in an apartment because they don’t require rigorous exercise.

10. Mastiff

You may think there’s no place for this giant breed in a smaller living space. Think again. Mastiffs are gentle, docile, and require a moderate activity level. Of course, this pooch will need exercise like any other dog, but they are quite content to laze around on their dog bed for much of the day.

11. Pug

Like the Havanese, Pugs are quite adaptable to any environment. This makes an attractive pal for apartment life. These adorable, squished-face companions are loyal, loving, and don’t take up much space in an apartment. Word to the wise: pugs snore.

12. Miniature or Toy Poodle

If you decide to get a Poodle for your apartment, make sure you select a Toy or Miniature breed. Standard Poodles can grow up to 70 pounds. These sassy, intelligent dogs are known for their pleasant disposition. They get along well with other animals and humans. And they have a reputation for being easy to train.

All Dogs Need Exercise

No matter what breed you select, remember that your pup needs daily walks and fresh air. Even if they are less athletic or motivated for runs, all dogs need to use their muscles. Also, when they are outside, your pup uses their nose to sniff out the neighborhood.

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