The Largest Dog Hotel In The World Is Everything Your Dog Dreams Of


Complete with private rooms, comfy beds, a swimming pool, and a 24/7 live feed, the AtFrits Pet Hotel and Daycare Centre in Cape Town, South Africa is unlike any pet boarding facility in the world. Gone are the days of chain-link kennels and sad dogs pining for their owners. This all-animal hotel has 56 dog rooms and 32 cat rooms. It’s thought to be the largest pet facility in the world, and pet people are lining up for a chance to take advantage of its surprisingly affordable services.

Posted by AtFrits Pet Hotel & Daycare Centre on Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Hotel founder and owner, Yanic Klue, first got the idea for her dog-friendly hotel sitting in class for her MBA. She knew dog people want the best for their pets, and local options were lacking in the luxury she thought all dogs deserve. With the basic idea in mind, Klue designed her hotel based on what she would want for her beloved dog, Frits. Frits passed away from heart disease, and everything about AtFrits is dedicated to the scruffy namesake.

A big thank you to everyone who came to our first tour yesterday! We’ll have another Open Day for all the parents and their furbabies very soon. We ? you, atFrits fam #fritsieforever

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Now at a new location, AtFrits features rooms designed especially for canine clientele. Rooms are decorated in themes like HollyWoof and Jurassic Bark. Every dog receives around-the-clock supervision and opportunities to socialize with other compatible pooches. Pup parents drop their dogs off for daily daycare before they head into work, and extended stays are available for people leaving for vacations and work trips. Even tourists to the area take advantage of the services and drop their dogs off before exploring the not-so dog-friendly parts of Cape Town.

For people that work late, AtFrits offers night care services, and they start check-ins as early as four in the morning for all those early risers. Their goal is to provide peace of mind for all dog owners while treating canines of all sizes, breeds, and personalities with nothing but five-star service. The hotel has served over 92,000 dogs in the eight years they’ve been open, and they expect to welcome even more canine friends through their door now that they’ve moved to their bigger and better location.

Posted by AtFrits Pet Hotel & Daycare Centre on Tuesday, August 21, 2018

While you might expect getting a room in this high-class dog hotel will put you back more than a few bucks, room rates at AtFrits are designed to be affordable. A basic stay is priced at R285, which when converted to American currency is only about $20. If you think your pup deserves the presidential suite complete with mood lighting and a TV, the rate is around R1,500 or $104. Are you ready to book your pup’s first stay?

h/t: Business Insider South Africa

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