There Are Yeezy-Inspired Shoes For Dogs Now

Yes, the opinions of doggies wearing “people clothes” are often divided. Shoes that protect your pup’s vulnerable feet, however, are a different story. And hey, if you’re going to cover four little feet why not do it in style?

Fresh Pawz, the self-proclaimed “official streetwear brand for dogs,” now offers Yeezy-inspired dog sneakers! Yep, the shoes designed by Kanye West. If you’re not familiar with them, Kanye West originally launched his Yeezy shoe line with Nike in 2009 and then brought it to Adidas in 2013. The Yeezy empire is worth billions at this point.

These dog shoes, however, only cost $50 for the set (you know, 4 shoes instead of 2.) According to the site description:

“The Beluga 544 are inspired iconic sneakers. They are the first actual functional dog shoe ever created. A layer of protection and a statement of individuality.”


Look at that fashion-forward dog! The trendy shoes will also protect your dog’s paws from very hot or cold surfaces. You can purchases the stylish paw protectors here.


Size-wise: Small shoes are meant for 10-20 pound dogs like Jack Russel Terriers or Pomeranians. Medium shoes will fit 20-40 pound dogs like Border Collies and Beagles. Large shoes are meant for the 40-60 pound Pit Bulls, Boxers, and Golden Retrievers.

As it turns out, these have been pretty popular so you may have to check back later when certain sizes are back in stock.


What’s more, your purchase will benefit the Petfinder Foundation. 5% of sales go there!

Do Your Pup’s Paws Need Protecting?

The short answer is: sometimes yes! Sidewalks can get extremely hot in the summer months. If your pup spends most of their time indoors, they probably don’t have a strong tolerance to heat. Scalding sidewalks or pavement can burn your dog’s paw pads. When walking hurts, your dog essentially becomes temporarily handicapped and that’s no good.

Sure, not everyone buys shoes for their dog. But there are other ways to ensure the safety of their feet too!

Before letting your dog’s paws hit the pavement, try the 5-Second Test. Put the back of your hand against the walking surface. If you can’t comfortably hold it there for at least five seconds, the surface is too hot for your dog to walk on.

You can also avoid some risk by taking walks earlier or later in the day, or by walking on grass.

Shoes are a great option though, and it’s always funny to watch a pup try to understand what they are!

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