There’s No Excuse to Not Let Your Dog On The Couch With These Throws With a Hidden Feature You’ll Love

Home Is Where The Dog Is

Does your pup LOVE hanging out on your furniture? Are you tired of that doggy smell permeating your furniture? Or maybe you just want to provide a comfy spot for your dog on the couch? This throw has you covered – in fact, you’ll probably want to use it just as much as your furry family member!

Our luxurious PACK&DEN throws are guaranteed to promote cuddling, here’s why:

  • Luxurious faux, vegan fur that feels amazing and looks phenomenal (we’re seriously obsessed)
  • Easy to clean, machine washable

So…. What’s The Hidden Feature?

We love our dogs, but not always their smells! Your new PACK&DEN throw contains our specially created odor removal system:

  • Includes our Odor Trapper and Calming Pack accessories bag, which comes with an Odor Trapper activated coconut charcoal odor eliminating bag, aromatherapy felt heart insert for use with your own calming essential oils
  • Features a special, easy to open velcro-closure pocket for the Odor Trapper bag or aromatherapy insert

With Immaculate Packaging, PACK&DEN Makes a Great Gift!

And Just in Case You Needed Another Reason to Want One…

At iHeartDogs, we’ve committed to never making a single product that does not give back in a meaningful way. In talking with animal shelters while we developed the PACK&DEN line, one thing became clear: They’re always in need of warm, quality blankets.

Not only do the blankets help keep animal warm in environment that are not temperature controlled, but oftentimes a blanket is the closet thing they have to a proper bed. In fact, its usually the only possession a dog has while waiting for their forever home.

That’s why we came up with a big idea: for every PACK&DEN product you purchase, we’ll donate a warm, high quality fleece blanket to a shelter dog in need!

If you’d like to learn more about PACK&DEN, please visit the full collection page here.

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