These Human-Grade Dog Treats Went Viral and Taste Amazing to Pups & People

One Dog Treat Company Believes That If Its Not Good Enough for Humans, It’s Not Good Enough for Dogs

We have to admit, we were a bit skeptical. A dog treat that both humans and dogs could eat, that actually tastes good?

But from the moment you tear open the bag and get a whiff of the smell, you begin to understand.

My 13 year old Siberian Husky is as picky as a cat when it comes to food and treats. I didn’t think she’d even give them a sniff.

But to my surprise, she couldn’t get enough. Her Riley’s treat has become a bit of an evening dessert routine now. After she cleans her dinner bowl, she’ll find a Rileys treat appeared in the bowl later in the evening. (She loves the Peanut Butter flavor best.)

Top 5 Things We Love About These Treats

  1. Only 6 ingredients, and all of them are human-grade and non-GMO
  2. They contain absolutely zero wheat, corn, or soy which are common allergens
  3. No added sugar, salt, preservatives. No artificial colors or flavors.
  4. They are certified organic and vegan
  5. They smell like fresh baked treats out of the oven!

The Top 1 Thing We Do Not Love About These Treats

  1. They may disappear fast, because humans or dogs can eat them! (they taste like a lightly sweetened cookie or granola bar)

Pro-Tip: Do not eat them with your dog present. They may give you a dirty look 🙂

Take a Look at These Pups and People Enjoying Them!

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There’s 3 tasty flavors to choose from: peanut butter & molasses, sweet potato, and pumpkin coconut, both available on Amazon Prime

Each Bag of Treats Has a Hidden Bonus: It Feeds 5 Shelter Dogs!

Through our exclusive partnership with, each bag of treats you purchase on Amazon Prime will provide 5 healthy meals for shelter dogs across the country!

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