This Adoptable Bachelor Is Ready To Hand Out His Final Rose

Even if you don’t watch The Bachelor, surely you have heard something about how the show works over the last 18 years. The reality dating competition series selects one “Bachelor” or “Bachelorette” to date several people over the next few weeks in order to find their true love. Berrien County Animal Control in Benton Harbor, Michigan cleverly figured out a way to appeal to Bachelor fans and help a great dog get adopted.

“The Bachelor: Doggy Edition” began at the end of February. The hopeful Bachelor? An adorable Pit mix named Apollo. The staff and volunteers at Berrien County Animal Control served as potential matches for him. They posed for rose ceremony photographs with him. The rose was a chew toy.


For the Doggy Edition, none of the staff or volunteers would receive Apollo’s final rose. Ultimately that will go to his potential adopter.

“In a shocking twist, our hopeful Bachelor Apollo didn’t find his one true love amongst our staff and volunteers. Could you be Apollo’s hero? Are you willing to be his one and only, to help him grow and learn, and to love him through everything?”


Juicy Episodes From The Bachelor: Doggy Edition

This brilliant campaign went beyond just Bachelor-themed photos. The staff created juicy drama-filled episodes, just like you’d see on the show. These stories creatively explained Apollo’s home requirements and personality quirks.

“However this pairing was too good to be true—Apollo felt betrayed when he discovered Barb’s first love (her dog named Sturgis) was still in her life… and in her bed no less! Apollo shares his partner with no one! Better luck next time Barb!”


These funny captions seem much less daunting than the background-free reasons for some of Apollo’s needs. For example, he prefers to be the only dog in a home and doesn’t get along with cats. It can be discouraging to see a list of can’t and won’t’s, and this fun framing lightens that up.

“Apollo enjoys the company of both men and women so we thought a change of human might be the perfect fit. Well, what seemed like a perfect attraction turned sour when he realized Jim expects to be waited on. Apollo is an independent boy and waits for no man!”


The staff’s commitment to Apollo really makes this whole thing though. No one wants to see an adoptable dog stuck in a shelter. But not everyone would dress up in costumes and pretend to be publicly rejected!

Apollo still needs to give his rose out to somebody. Maybe you could be his one true love! That would certainly make for a great finale! Apply to “audition” for this guy’s love here.

H/T: Cesar’s Way
Featured Image: @BerrienCountyAnimalControl/Facebook

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