This Company Now Includes Dog Adoption As An Employee Benefit

Working a full-time job can make it difficult to welcome a furry friend into the family. The adoption fee and supplies can add up quickly. Plus, it’s near impossible to find time in your busy schedule to get the pup fully adjusted. That’s why one company decided that adopting a dog should be taken more seriously in their industry.

The Zebra, an insurance comparison website, is now providing a new benefit for employees. They want everyone in the company to be able to adopt a dog. So, they’re offering $300 annually for each employee to adopt a dog or cat.

Family Walking Dog

The $300 is meant to cover the adoption fee for a dog. Also, depending on how much that fee is, this amount could also cover basic supplies. Keith Melnick, the CEO of The Zebra, created this benefit because of his own love for dogs. He used to bring his Lab named Zuma to work daily. The pup definitely lifted his spirits on a regular basis.

“I know this kind of companionship can make a huge difference in quality of life and mental health. Especially now that we’re all working remotely for the foreseeable future, I want to make sure that anyone at The Zebra who wants to, can experience that,” said Melnick.

The Employees’ Responses

On top of covering fees, employees also get paid time off with their furry friends. This allows the employees to help their rescue dogs get adjusted to their new surroundings. It also gives each person a chance to bond with their dog and work on training. This time off is called a “pawternity leave”.

Couple with Dog

Couple with Dog

So far, a few employees have taken advantage of these incredible benefits. Maribeliz Ortiz, the Agency Quality Assurance Coordinator, brought home an adorable little Dachshund named Niko. She said the pup was her “dream dog” ever since she was little. She wasn’t ready to have children yet, but she was ready to expand her family with a four-legged family member.

Dan Kujanek, the Senior Manager of Performance Marketing, also welcomed a new dog into his home. His family had been wanting to adopt a second dog, and these benefits were the final push they needed. So, they adopted a Shepherd mix named Romy from Austin’s AjK Family Rescue. Kujanek was working from home and he recently got a fenced-in yard, so it was all perfect for the new pup.

If you’re ready to welcome a dog into your family, then it’s important that you have the time and money to care for them. The Zebra’s amazing new benefits help employees bring that perfect dog home. Hopefully, it will also encourage them to adopt a dog from a rescue or shelter. Don’t you wish your job had these one-of-a-kind benefits?

Walking Dog

Walking Dog

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