This Might Be the Best Way to Entertain a Bored Dog on a Rainy Day

How to Keep Your Dog Busy on a Rainy or Snowy Day

If your dog is like mine, they are not at all fans of inclement weather!

The moment the rain starts, my dog’s personality changes and she becomes restless. If the rain lasts long enough, she begins to act depressed, moping around, begging me for something to do (or better yet, something to eat!)

About 6 months ago, I discovered a tactic that forever changed our activities when the weather sours.

Why “Nose Work” Can Be Your Dog’s Best Friend During Stormy Weather

For a dog, their sense of smell is absolutely crucial to their mental and physical health.

The term “nose work” was created to define the professional canine scent detection training activity translated to pet dogs. It’s an easy-to-learn, fun activity to engage in with your pet and has even become a competitive sport.

Nose work can help build your dog’s focus, confidence, and enhance general obedience training. Overactive dogs can use nose work to focus their energy into a productive activity. (great for bad weather!)

Our Favorite Way to Get Your Dog Started with Nose Work

While you can hide treats anywhere, my dog LOVES the Sniff Diggy mat, which was specifically designed to make sniffing out treats just challenging enough.

Simply hide treats inside the durable cloth fabric, and watch your dog use their nose and brain sniffing them out.

You can hide kibble or small treats in between the strips.

You can learn more about the Sniff Diggy mat here.

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