This Monster Pushes Her Senior Golden Retriever Into Lake And Watches Him Drown

By all accounts drowning is a painful, terrifying, and horrific way to die. Unlike movie portrayals with flailing arms and cries for help, in reality it is typically a silent act. In an effort to survive, the body forces the vocal cords to spasm so that water cannot enter the lungs. This prevents the victim from calling for help or breathing, a fatal catch 22 that results in a slow descent into the depths and eventually, death.

It’s unthinkable to sit back and watch this slow process unfold on any helpless being. A decent person could not sit by and witness someone struggling to stay alive. This would be especially true when the drowning was going down in shallow water. Water that could be easily traversed by an adult that could stand on the bottom to render aid.

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It’s even more unimaginable to be the cause of such great sorrow; to push someone in and sit back to watch them die. But that is exactly what happened recently in New Hampshire when a despicable person pushed her senior golden retriever into the water and watched as he slowly drowned.

Police say that on June 8, 66-year-old Nancy Bucciarelli and her dog, an 11-year old male named Bailey, were at Wasserman Park alongside Naticook Lake. Bailey was winded after walking around when Bucciarelli pushed him into the lake from a dock. The dog struggled to stay above water and she did nothing as he drowned. Bailey was in water just 3 1/2 feet deep.

The dock – via Mike Cronin/WMUR Facebook

“It is a sad story. It’s unconscionable to think what this defendant is charged with,” Chief Roy told WMUR9.

The accused, Nancy Bucciarelli, via Mike Cronin/WMUR Facebook

Apparently, witnesses finally noticed the dog drowning and jumped in to save Bailey but it was too late. They had to find him under the water first, as he was completely submerged. They pulled him out and did their best to revive him but he was gone.

“The witnesses are actually the ones who jumped into the water to find the dog under the water and pull the dog out. They made every attempt to revive the dog but unfortunately the dog did die,” Roy said.

Bucciarelli has refused to comment on the story so we are all left, mouths agape, wondering what on Earth she was thinking. She has been charged with animal cruelty and will appear in court later this month. Perhaps, she will find the courage to explain herself and shed some light on her outrageous act.

“We may never know what really happened there, except for what the witnesses observed and what the defendant has said,” Roy explained.

This is such a sad, sad story, and we can only hope that justice is served. Any sort of animal cruelty should never be tolerated. But this just goes beyond all understanding and reason.

Featured Image: Mike Cronin/WMUR Facebook

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