This Weird Looking Toy Will Be Your Dog’s Best Friend on a Rainy Day

Has your pup ever been frustrated by boredom on a rainy day? Or maybe you didn’t quite have enough time for a long walk, and they need to burn some energy?

If so, the concept of canine nose work is something you and your pup will love.

What Is Nose Work?

The term “nose work” was created to define the professional canine scent detection training activity translated to pet dogs. It’s an easy-to-learn, fun activity to engage in with your pet and has even become a competitive sport. Nose work can help build your dog’s focus and enhance general obedience training.

Nose work helps nervous dogs build confidence. Overactive dogs can use nose work to focus their energy into a productive activity. Cooperation between dogs and trainers builds strong bonds in their relationships.

The Sniff Diggy ™ nose work mat is more than just a super fun way to engage with and reward your pup. The Sniff Diggy easy-to-use nose work mat actually provides the same amount of sensory and cognitive stimulation for your pup as a walk around the block!

Nose work is a beneficial activity for dogs – getting them to engage and develop their most vital sensory skill, their sense of smell. The activity mimics the inherent foraging and hunting activities dogs’ wolf ancestors needed to engage in on a daily basis. These mats are great for keeping senior dogs’ mental acuity at its best as well as encouraging cognitive development in puppies. Dogs of any age or breed can engage in and benefit from nose work activities.

Here’s How to Use Your Sniff Diggy Nose Work Mat:

  1. While your dog is in another room or preoccupied with a different activity, tuck his or her favorite treats into the nooks created by the fabric strips of the mat. Pat the strips down to conceal the treats. Be sure to set one treat aside. Small treats work best.
  2. Once done, have your dog sit and smell the treat you saved and then hide it in the mat while your dog continues to sits nearby.
  3. Let your dog go at it! You can also use small toys to hide in the fabric strips.

These Mats Are Modular – Connect More For More Fun! Buy 2 or more mats and link them up together using the special hooks underneath each mat and maximize the fun!

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