Tinder Users Can Match With An Adoptable Dog!

If you’re looking for love, there’s nothing better than the love of an adorable rescue dog. In fact, if you happen to be using Tinder in the Orlando area, you could actually get matched with the dog of your dreams! 

The Orlando Dog Mom Club organized a unique campaign to get local rescue dogs noticed. They created Tinder profiles for adoptable dogs at METTA Rescue Family and Happy Trails Animal Rescue. They hope that the profiles will give these dogs the exposure they need.

Image: @theorlandodogmomclub/Facebook

How Do Dog Profiles Work?

The Orlando Dog Mom Club refers to this project as the “Get Lucky!” campaign. They selected many dogs in need of a home at the two rescues. Then, they worked hard to make an adorable profile for each of them.

Each profile features adorable photos of the dogs. However, the organizations had to include pictures of the dogs with a person to avoid getting marked as spam. So, they had 40 models come to take pictures with 27 adoptable dogs. 

Image: @theorlandodogmomclub/Facebook

“We heard about a similar campaign done in New York a while ago where a shelter placed their pups on Tinder, so we wanted to build on the idea with a full-on photoshoot,” said Myriam Gutstein, the founder of The Orlando Dog Mom Club. “We wanted to surprise people on Tinder when they realized they are actually matching with a cute puppy who needs a home.”

Each profile has information about the dog along with where they can be adopted. The people on this app might be looking for a human soulmate, but when they find the perfect dog on the app, they’ll likely be even happier.

Image: @theorlandodogmomclub/Facebook

What Happens if You Get Matched with a Dog?

The goal of this campaign isn’t for people to adopt the dogs directly off Tinder. Instead, it’s a way to spread the word about these dogs. The club hopes that people will see these adorable profiles and tell their friends all about it.

“The point of the campaign is not to get the dogs adopted through Tinder but to get reactions out of people when they match with a cute puppy on Tinder so they screenshot it and start posting all about it on social media,” said Gutstein.

Image: @theorlandodogmomclub/Facebook

Since this is an unusual platform for a dog rescue to use, the organizations hope they can reach a whole new group of people. Not everyone considers adopting a dog as their first option. So, instead of looking to breed a new puppy, individuals might feel more compelled to adopt a rescue dog after seeing their profiles.

This campaign is still just getting started, but some of the dogs have already been getting attention. After all, people often feel more compelled to swipe right if there’s a dog in the pictures. So, the organizations are confident that all these dogs will have homes in no time!

Image: @theorlandodogmomclub/Facebook

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Featured Image: @theorlandodogmomclub/Facebook

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