Tired of Wasting Money on Beds That Go Flat? You And Your Pup Will Love This Invention

If you’ve ever had to throw away a dog bed that went flat too soon, you know how frustrating it can be.

Dog beds vary greatly in quality, and many flatten out in only weeks, leaving your dog with thin, worn out padding and allowing their elbows and paws to rub on the hard ground. In addition, you’re out the money!

This new stuffable dog bed solves this problem and then some.

The design allows you to put old pillows and clothes into a durable bed casing. In addition to be a great, eco-friendly way of reusing old t-shirts and pillows lying around the house (and who doesn’t have a ton of those lying around!)

There’s also a huge bonus that makes dogs LOVE this bed…

It smells like YOU!

Your scent is the most comforting thing in the world to your dog, and lying on a bed that smells like you while you’re away is about as good as it gets! (almost as good as them snuggling in bed with you!)

There’s also a cool twist that happens with every purchase…

Every time sold in the PACK&DEN product line provides a warm donated blanket to a shelter animal in need. With winter coming, animal shelters are always in need of warm blankets, so this purchase provides a huge impact!

To learn more about the PACK&DEN Stuffable bed, visit this page.

To learn more about the PACK&DEN Stuffable bed, visit this page.

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