Tom Hardy Hangs With K9 At L.A. Premiere For Venom


The red carpet seems like a pretty busy place. With so many people crowding in, asking you for photos, autographs and interviews, it must be impossible to make time for everyone. But this weekend while at the Los Angeles premiere for his new Marvel movie, Venom, actor Tom Hardy made time for one very special pooch! Bomb-sniffing K9 Stark was on-duty at the premiere, and the actor couldn’t resist walking over and saying hello!

Though it’s usually considered rude to interact with an on-duty working dog, Stark’s handler said that Hardy asked first.

“…for the most part they are working dogs so petting them is rare. However, @tomhardy can pretty much do what ever he wants 😂 also, he asked before hand.”

Stark seemed to enjoy the interaction anyway. He probably had no idea who the actor was, but maybe he could sense Hardy’s extreme love of dogs. Or perhaps he was just happy for the break.

I would allow this man to pet my dog.

Please come pet my dog.

Tom Hardy is known almost as much for his love of dogs as for his movies. He adopted a stray dog he and actress Jessica Chastain found while filming Lawless in Georgia. He named the pup Woodstock (Woody), and even took him along to the premiere for Legend. Even though Woody passed away last year, Hardy will still post photos of him to his Instagram.

Hardy has worked with animal welfare groups to promote awareness for animal abuse and rescue. He also used his Instagram to help a box of abandoned puppies find loving homes.

And, though he may have been the biggest star on the red carpet that night, he took the time to congratulate an adorable, hardworking dog for a job well done! We’re big fans of both Tom Hardy and Stark!

Featured Photo: @k9_stark/Instagram

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