Top 10 Dog Friendliest Cities of 2018


When it comes to choosing the top pet-friendly cities, we want more than just restaurants with dog-friendly patios and big dog parks. We’re thinking and dreaming bigger when it comes to our dogs. We want to live where our dogs can be healthy and happy, and treated like the kings and queens we always knew they were.

WalletHub has put together their best dog-friendly cities list ever that really covers all the bases when it comes to the demands we make for our pets. They compared the top 100 most populated cities by 24 key metrics that fell into three categories:

Pet Budget, which takes into account things like the average cost of pet insurance and veterinarian visits.
Pet Health & Wellness, weighing the number per capita of veterinarians, pet-care businesses, and pet-friendly shops and restaurants, etc.
Outdoor Pet Friendliness, taking into consideration weather and fun outdoorsy things available for dogs, like dog-friendly trails and dog parks.

Add the three categories together, do a little math, and the result is 100 cities ranked by the overall quality of life they offer pets! If you’re looking for more in a city than a nice pet-friendly brunch, start your search here.

Top 10 Pet Friendliest Cities:

#10 Irvine, CA

Pet insurance premiums in Irvine will cost you, but it’ll be worth it to keep your pet healthy in a city with lots to do together. Irvine ranks fifth out of 100 cities for Pet Health & Wellness and Outdoor Pet Friendliness. There won’t be a dull moment with so much to do!

#9 Las Vegas, NV

A city that thrives on tourism is smart to welcome our dogs! Las Vegas is packed with dog parks for you to play in with your pup. Many of the city’s most famous casino hotels are happy to welcome your well-behaved dog, so you don’t have to leave without him to enjoy a vacation in Vegas!

#8 Seattle, WA

We love any city that has a food truck dedicated to our dogs! The Seattle Barkery has been in business since 2015. They offer two menus – the bigger one is for dogs, and a more limited menu for their humans. And don’t forget to tip! 100% of their tip jar goes to Old Dog Haven, a rescue and fospice for senior dogs!

#7 Cincinnatti, OH

Keeping your pet well comes a little cheaper in Cincinnati. The low cost of pet care earns the city a high spot despite the relatively few number of pet-friendly places to go (compared to the other cities on the top 10.)

#6 Tampa, FL.

Tampa offers pet parents a high number of veterinarians per capita. Pet photographer Adam Goldberg often hosts pet photoshoot fundraisers in the Tampa area – you can get a fantastic photo of your pet and help support shelters at the same time!

#5 Phoenix, AZ.

Phoenix has several dog parks where your pup can mingle with other dogs. Or you could watch the Arizona Diamondbacks play from the Petsmart Patio at Chase Field.

#4 Austin, TX.

You’re likely to see lots of dogs out and about helping their owners “Keep Austin Weird.” Austin is #4 overall for dog friendly cities, but ranks #2 in Pet Health & Wellness. It’s also home to TRACE at the W – #10 on our list of America’s 15 Most Dog Friendly Restaurants. Their homemade dog ice cream is a cool treat to offer your pet in the Texas heat.

#3 San Diego, CA.

San Diego really cares about it’s dogs! The city tied for number one for Most Animal Shelters and Most Dog Friendly Restaurants per capita. If you’re in San Diego, be sure to check out Sally’s Fish House & Bar to treat your dog to Sally’s Famous Pupcakes during Yappy Hour.

#2  Orlando, FL.

Orlando scored high in both the Pet Budget and Pet Health & Wellness categories. It’s one of the top three cities for veterinarians per capita, and tied for #1 for most dog friendly restaurants per capita – proving that Orlando has more than amusement parks and alligators!

#1 Scottsdale, AZ.

Out of 100 cities, Scottsdale was one of the top 5 WORST for pet insurance premiums, but still came out on top as number one overall! Though it scored in the bottom 20 in the Pet Budget category, it scored the best for Pet Health & Wellness. According to, there are 119 pet-friendly restaurants for you and your dog to try out – 27 of which are rated 5 bones!

Didn’t see your city in the Top 10? See the full list of 100 cities at Click here to learn more about how they ranked their list.

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