Trudy Overcame A Traumatic Past & Got The Second Chance She Deserved

iHeartDogs works closely with the Greater Good by donating part of each sale to their various charity efforts. Thanks to dog lovers like you, so many dogs will go on to find their very own happy ending.

One of the many organizations that benefit from the charity efforts of the Greater Good is the START Rescue. With offering animal transport from Southern California high intake shelters to fully vetted rescues in the Pacific Northwest, they are able to offer dogs a second chance at life. Due to their efforts, they were able to participate in the rescue of a beautiful pup named Trudy with a troubling past.

trudy rescue

Trudy is a stunning Husky Mix that was picked up by a local shelter in Porterville, California when she was found on the streets in a desperate situation. Trudy was found standing over her canine BFF howling and crying for help, but it was too late for her furry friend. Her canine partner had been struck by a vehicle and had already passed by the time local rescuers came to the scene.

One could only imagine the pain that Trudy felt after witnessing such a horrible event, and her bad luck had not yet ended. Trudy was then brought to a high intake shelter where they hoped her owners would be able to get in touch. As time passed without a single claim to this distraught pup, Trudy found herself on the shelter euthanasia list.

trudy rescuetrudy rescue

Just when it seemed like Trudy was running out of chances at a forever family, the team at the START Rescue and Oregon Dog Rescue stepped in and saved the day! The START Rescue organized a transport for Trudy to the Oregon Dog Rescue, which is a shelter that is known for their high adoption rates.

trudy rescuetrudy rescue

Dogs in the Oregon Dog Rescue are known to get adopted almost immediately, and this was no different for Trudy. Trudy finally found the forever family of her dreams, and could finally let go of the pain from her past.

Organizations like the START Rescue and the Oregon Dog Rescue rely on support from the public to continue their incredible work, so your donations are truly lifesaving. Thank you to everyone who refused to give up on Trudy and helped to lead her to a happy ending! We hope she can finally heal from her traumatic past.

Image Source: STARTRescue/FB

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