Two Adoptable Dogs’ Rescue From A High-Kill Shelter In Mexico Was The Beginning Of A 1,000 Mile Plus Journey

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Just like people, sometimes dogs are born into unfortunate circumstances and need some help getting to a better place. Out of convenience, good fluffy boys and girls are brought to high-kill and over capacity shelters where they have small chances from the start. Luckily, there are people and organizations that interfere to give these animals a better chance in a new place.

Thanks to those people, helpless pups like Doreen and Caty get lifts from their bad situations to no-kill shelters and rescues that will work to get them adopted. These two pups had been living miserable lives in a high-kill shelter in Tecate, Mexico.

Once rescued from their sad and risky predicament, Doreen and Caty stayed with fosters until they were ready to travel to California. There, a START Rescue transport would bring them north to The Safehaven Humane Society.

START Rescue was founded to combat overcrowding in animal shelters. They do this in two ways: providing transport for animals from high-kill shelters and offering free or low-cost spay and neutering services.

A START transport vehicle, via @STARTRESCUETEAM/Facebook

Doreen and Caty boarded START’s transport that took them from California up to the Pacific Northwest. It was a long trip for these pups, but the destination was worth it. Ultimately, the final stop was another chance at life, a chance to find a home and a family to love them.

Doreen and Caty are now in the capable hands of The Safehaven Humane Society in Oregon. The before and after photos put all infomercials in history to shame.

Courtesy of START
Courtesy of START

Through wonderful partnerships, Safehaven Humane Society receives many transports throughout the year, helping dogs who would potentially otherwise not make it. Obviously living in a shelter is not an ideal situation for any dog, but if they were to be relocated anywhere this is the place. Safehaven’s mission is one of commitment.

“We are guided by the belief that no adoptable or treatable companion animal should be unnecessarily euthanized due to space, time, appearance or treatable conditions.”

These two sweethearts are currently still adoptable, and if you’re looking to give a happy home to a dog who came from an unhappy situation reach out to Safehaven for more information.

Thanks to all for your help in giving dogs like Doreen and Caty the chance they deserve at love and most importantly, life.

Images Courtesy Of START Rescue

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