UPDATE: Dog Who Lost Parents To COVID-19 Gets Adopted

A little dog named Che-Che came to the Monmouth County SPCA in New Jersey during the COVID-19 pandemic. She had no idea how she ended up in such an unfamiliar place, and she clearly didn’t think she belonged there.

Recently, two of Che-Che’s family members passed away from the coronavirus. The little dog had no one left to take care of her, so she was brought straight to the SPCA. Now, the organization’s mission is to find the perfect home for her. She needed a place where she could feel safe and secure for the rest of her life.

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Helping Che-Che Adjust

The staff at the SPCA can’t imagine what poor Che-Che has gone through. She’s probably worried about her parents, wondering when they’ll return. It’s heartbreaking to see the 9-year-old dog so upset, but luckily, the comfort from the shelter staff is helping her relax a bit more. It will take her some time to adjust, but she’s worth the extra time and patience.

“Little 9-lb Che-Che was scared and shaking when she arrived – we can’t imagine what it’s like for a dog like her to suddenly lose everything she’s ever known and end up in an unfamiliar place,” the SPCA wrote on Facebook. “Our staff knew Che-Che needed some comfort and even through our PPE, we could tell a loving touch was all it took to help her feel safe.”

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Right away, they made sure Che-Che got all the proper medical care, including dental cleaning, spaying, and vaccinations. They also gave her a nice warm bath so that they could care for her without all the gloves and gowns in the way. The staff tried their best to make Che-Che feel as comfortable as possible.

Their goal was to find the perfect home for Che-Che. They didn’t want to rush to get her adopted because they wanted to ensure that she went to the best family for her.

Che-Che Was Adopted!

About 2 weeks after Che-Che was rescued, the SPCA found the perfect home for her. They took plenty of time to consider all the applicants before making their final decision. Her new mom is overjoyed to have her in her life. She promises to treat the little dog like the princess she is.

Image: Screenshot, @MonmouthCountySPCA/Facebook

“The Monmouth County SPCA does incredible work every day,” Che-Che’s new mom said. “I feel incredibly blessed that Che-Che will be coming home with me. She’s a little doll and everyone here has been very generous and kind to her and me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

When Che-Che exited the building with her adopter, the SPCA staff stood outside, clapping for her. Life had been rough for poor Che-Che, but now she has a chance to get a fresh start and be happy again. The SPCA is extending a huge thank you to everyone that helped donate to help dogs like Che-Che find a home.

We had a very special weekend here at the MCSPCA! After literally hundreds of inquiries about Che-Che, we finally found her the most perfect home! Our girl Che-Che received the highest quality care (and lots of cuddles) with us after losing her human dad to COVID-19. We knew that the only way to honor her family was to find her a place where she could live out the rest of her life living like the princess she is ❤We want to thank each and every one of you who shared Che-Che’s story, left kind comments about her, and donated to her care and the care of the hundreds of other homeless animals we care for every single day ? We’re so happy that Che-Che’s story went viral as the highlight of our shelter and the amazing things we’re doing lead to several other animals finding their forever homes! Che-Che is resting comfortably in a comfy bed, in a warm loving home because of your support, THANK YOU ❤️Our Compassion Counts Matching Gift Campaign is still doubling your impact for homeless pets, click here to make a donation ❤ bit.ly/2XxEzMb

Posted by Monmouth County SPCA on Monday, April 27, 2020

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Featured Image: @MonmouthCountySPCA/Facebook

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