Utah Firefighter Gives Home To Dog Rescued From California Wildfire


A small act of kindness is even more amazing when it happens in the middle of chaos.

Wildfires continue to wreak havoc in California and fire crews from other areas have travelled to join the effort. Firefighters from Draper City, Utah travelled over 800 miles to help fight the Mendocino Complex fire burning North of Santa Rosa, California. On August 12, while working contain the flames in the Potter Valley fire zone, the group spotted a German Shepherd huddled under a tree. The dog was extremely thirsty and tired, and the firefighters offered him water and a place to sleep under their truck while they worked.

After their shift, the men loaded up their equipment, and the dog. They drove him to the Mendocino County Animal Shelter where he would recieve medical attention and some well-earned rest. The shelter posted his photo to social media and several people immediately expressed interest in giving him a home if he wasn’t claimed by his owner. However, one of the firefighters with the Draper City Fire Department had already told the shelter that this dog had a home if his owner didn’t come forward.

“It was clear from the start, if not found by his guardian, Draper City fire fighter Patrick wanted to adopt him.”

The stray hold expired without anyone claiming the dog. The pup, named Mendo by the firefighters who rescued him, has a new home in Draper City, Utah, with Patrick and his family. On August 25th, volunteers from the shelter in Mendocino County met with Patrick in Reno, Nevada. According to a Facebook post from the Draper City FD, Mendo recognized Patrick, and was very excited to see him again!

“The dog was happy to to see Patrick he ran around in happy circles. “Mendo” we are happy to say that Draper is now your home. What a beautiful, friendly and affectionate dog.”

Mendo will be a comfort to the firefighters in Draper City who suffered the loss of one of their own to the fires in California. Battalion Chief Matt Burchett, who led the crew in their fight of the Mendocino Complex fire, did not make it home. After Mendo and Patrick were reunited, the Mendocino County Animal Shelter posted to Facebook,

“Mendo has been reunited with fire fighter Patrick who found him while battling the Mendocino Complex fires. The Draper Fire Department team from Utah lost their co-worker Matt during this fire. We know Mendo will help them heal. “

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Featured Photo: Draper City Fire Department/Facebook

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