Virginia Dog Daycare Makes Room for Pups Fleeing Hurricane Dorian

As Hurricane Dorian approached the Bahamas and some of the states on the east coast, many rescue dogs needed to flee to find a safer location. However, it was difficult for rescues and shelters to find enough space for all the dogs in need. Luckily, Apple Dog Daycare, Lodging & Grooming in Glen Allen, Virginia graciously offered space for two dogs that were in search of a safe location from the hurricane. After all, the more dogs that find temporary homes, the more dogs that can be saved from the flooding and destruction. 

The two dogs that are being sheltered at this daycare are named Bindi and Thomas. Bindi is a Lab mix while Thomas is a Border Collie mix. Both of these dogs are still searching for forever homes, but luckily, they have a nice place to stay for now.

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Bindi and Thomas were both transported from North Carolina along with 12 other dogs. With the help of Operation Paws for Homes, also known as OPH, and SaveDog Project, all these dogs were successfully transported away from dangerous areas. The other 12 dogs were sent to shelters in Northern Virginia.

“We donated two spaces for dogs to stay with us which gives them room to rescue more dogs,” said Kyle Yocom, co-owner of Apple Dog Daycare.

Kyle and Lindsey Yocom from Apple Dog Daycare donated their space to Bindi and Thomas for two weeks. However, they are hopeful that a loving family or foster home will come for the dogs sooner. That way, Bindi and Thomas wouldn’t have to stay for the full two weeks.

Image: Screenshot, OPH Facebook

In the meantime, Laurie Landers from Operation Paws for Homes said that they will continue to keep rescuing more dogs that need help. There’s not enough room for all the incoming dogs, so any help is greatly appreciated.

“As long as we have funds, volunteers, foster homes, and wonderful community partners, we’re going to keep rescuing dogs,” Landers said.

This is not the only case of kind individuals coming forward to give homes to dogs fleeing the hurricane. Lots of different organizations have stepped forward to help these animals in need. One of which is Lost Paws Animal Rescue in New Jersey. They were able to provide temporary homes for 5 puppies and 3 kittens that were in the flood zone of South Carolina.

Hurricanes can be a scary and unpredictable thing. Therefore, it is important that no dog gets left behind during the chaos. Hopefully, all the pups that were rescued from the hurricane areas will soon find their forever homes where they will stay safe and happy.

Image: Screenshot, OPH Facebook

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