Wag! Faces Lawsuit and Backlash for Using Olivia Munn to Minimize Bad PR

We wish this wasn’t another story about bad behavior from the Wag! app. Lately, we have read one awful tale after another. Well, here we go again. The popular dog walking service is now being sued. And, after yet another awful Wag! experience, Wag! enlisted the help of its celebrity ‘Chief Strategist’ Olivia Munn to help fix public perception. Right, that’ll make everything better.

A Lawsuit Reveals Unsavory Tactics

Overall the past several weeks, we noticed an uptick in shocking tales of neglect and even worse from Wag! dog sitters and walkers. Some dogs were stolen. Even worse, some dogs tragically died. People trust the service to provide safe care for their dogs. After all, the service does claim to have strict standards. However, a quick check revealed that their screening process may be lacking.

According to the Wag! site, in order to be a walker “you must be over 18-years old to apply, legally allowed to work in the United States, and physically able to walk at least 20 minutes.”

They also require “dog experiences” and two basic tests: a dog & harness knowledge test and a “situational assessment. The site states you must “prove to us you can handle varied and unpredictable situations involving dogs.”

Wag! Strikes Again – Another Dog Dies Under the Care of Dog Sitter

One woman decided enough was enough and filed a lawsuit against the ‘Uber of dog walking.’ In the lawsuit, Barbara Meli claims the app is hiring untrustworthy people to walk and sit for dogs. And, as a result, some dogs have died.

Meli became suspicious of the app’s hiring tactics. So, she hired an attorney to investigate. Meli claims the investigation showed Wag! walkers lost at least 11 dogs from 2015 to 2018, and several more in May 2019.

We wonder what they discovered about Wag! dog walkers stealing pups.

The lawsuit says Wag! claims to employ a “robust vetting process that includes application and verification process, a third party background check, an online test covering dog safety.” And, according to the suit, Wag! says only 10 percent of applicants make it through the rigorous checks.

If the vetting process is so thorough dogs should not be going missing or, even worse, dying.

Popular Dog Walking Service Named Prime Suspect When This Couple’s Pooch Went Missing

But where does Olivia Munn enter the equation?

Celebrity Support

Meli says nothing exemplifies this bad behavior better than a recent story from New York City.

After another scandal, Wag! needed to mitigate bad press. So, they decided to bring in a well-known name to help ease the heartbreak for the dog’s humans.

Popular Dog Walking Service Wag! Accused of Neglect and Tragic Death

A New York couple’s dog went missing. Security footage showed a dog walker exiting their apartment with their pup, Benny, in hand. However, the poor little pup never made it back home. In the face of another terrible scandal, Wag! brass sent Olivia Munn to meet Benny’s humans. Later in the week, Benny was found at a Wag! walker’s home.

We doubt anything could make the couple feel better except for the safe return of their dog.

Meli is suing Wag! for falsely saying it gives the best walkers available and that it adds disclaimers to its user agreement saying if a walker messes up, users can’t sue. How about some accountability for your employees? Nothing like trying to wash your hands of any responsibility.

We are curious to see how this plays out. It’s high time for Wag! to take a serious look at their vetting process. We don’t want any other dogs getting lost, hurt or worse!

Featured image c/o Olivia Munn Instagram

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