WARNING: Popular Cleaning Product Is Dangerously Toxic To Dogs

Donna Brydon is a dog mom to an adorable King Charles Spaniel named Skye. The pair had a close call and scary situation recently after the 12-week old puppy came into contact with a popular cleaning product. Brydon shared her story to warn dog families everywhere that the product could make your dog sick, or worse.

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Visited a Friend’s House With Freshly Mopped Floors

Donna and Skye went to visit a friend who had just cleaned her floors with Zoflora, a popular concentrated cleaning agent that is known for its potent aromas. Apparently the dog simply came into contact with the floors and fell ill very quickly thereafter. The puppy’s eyes swelled shut and she became lethargic. An immediate visit to the vet revealed that Zoflora was to blame and is apparently known to be dangerous to dogs and other household pets, including cats.

Veterinary Poisons Information Service Has Received Hundreds of Calls

The Veterinary Poisons Information Service is a 24-hour helpline for people who suspect that their pet has been poisoned by something. They have reportedly received hundreds of calls from people whose pets have become ill as a result of the disinfectant Zoflora. They say that Zoflora products contain a chemical called benzalkonium chloride. This active ingredient can cause ulcers and loss of appetite if a pet touches or ingests it. 

Image Donna Brydon/Facebook

Zoflora Responds to the Press

When contacted by The Sun, Zoflora acknowledged that the Zoflora concentrated formulas contain the active ingredient benzalkonium chloride. However, they say that with basic precautions, the cleaner can be used safely in households with pets, with one exception. It should NOT be used at all in homes that have reptile pets. They claim it is perfectly safe to use when properly diluted and when surfaces are allowed to completely dry before pets come into contact with them.

A spokeswoman for Zoflora stated:

“Zoflora has been used safely in households for almost 100 years, including those with pets in the home.

“Zoflora’s products have been fully risked assessed by leading scientists at Exponent International, a long-established, independent consultancy company with expertise in all aspects of Biocidal Products Regulation and safety.

“The risk assessments conducted do not indicate a concern when the product is used in accordance with the on pack usage directions.

“As with all disinfectants and other household chemicals, ensure that Zoflora is used safely. When correctly diluted, Zoflora disinfectant may be used where most pets are kept.”

Nicola Robinson is a vet and head of service at the Veterinary Poisons Information Service. She told The Sun that it is best to use more natural cleaning products if you have pets in the house. We agree! Better to have a healthy dog than a “fresh scent” after you clean. 

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