Watch this Dog’s Miraculous Recovery from Malnourished to Thriving

Beware: you’re about to read about a dog who overcame extreme malnourishment and staggering odds. Despite that, this is a tale of perseverance and strength. Penelope the Shepard Mix, is a fighter and survivor.

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​Source: JasonHeiglFoundation YouTube​

A dog in need

When schoolchildren saw Penelope staggering around the streets. The sick pup scared them. She was disfigured, gaunt, and abandoned. She looked so bad, the children thought of her as a monster. Soon after she was spotted, the Jason Heigl Foundation was called and they rescued Penelope.

The rescuers rushed Penelope for medical treatment. Her vets estimated that Penelope was a 6-month-old mixed breed. She had demodectic mange, an itchy skin infection caused by mites. Penelope had never received treatment, so her condition was getting worse. She had painful, oozing open sores on her skin. The situation was troubling, but Penelope was a fighter. Her doctors immediately started treatment – including providing her with a warm place to sleep, and nutritious, regular meals.

​Source: JasonHeiglFoundation YouTube​

A Christmas miracle

Within days of receiving treatment, Penelope began showing signs of strength and endurance. She began lifting her head and even wagging her tail. Penelope knew that she was in a good place.

Thanks to her treatment, Penelope started growing healthy, shiny fur. The shelter raved about her sweet and loving demeanor as she healed and grew stronger. Rescuers found Penelope in October and she recovered during the holiday season. The shelter volunteers nicknamed her  “Christmas Miracle”.

Despite her traumatic ordeal, Penelope flourished. She became an energetic and happy pup. At the time of filming, Penelope had not found her family. However, she was eventually adopted into a loving forever home.

Want to see the final result? Watch Penelope’s story and see her grow into a majestic pup. The story is so beautiful it may even bring a tear to your eye.

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