Widower & Senior Shelter Dog Teach Each Other To Love Again

Carmon Collier lost his wife of 66 years in December. Just four months later, his cherished dog also passed away. Despite his heartache, Carmon recently decided he was ready to love again.

His daughter took him to the Humane Society of Southern Missouri where the staff had the perfect pooch in mind — a special senior named Bridget.

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Like most shelter dogs, Bridget has her own sad story. She arrived at HSSM hairless, emaciated, and obviously down on her luck.

While the care she received restored her physical health, Bridget was still nursing a broken heart. Day after day she was overlooked for younger, more outgoing dogs.

“A lot of people come in and the first thing they say is how many puppies do you have,” said Tracy Poston, the Humane Society of Southeast Missouri’s Executive Director.

But when Carmon arrived, Poston knew Bridget’s time had finally come!

“We knew the second he met Bridget that that was gonna be it. We knew that Bridget was meant to be his, and that’s probably why she’d been waiting so long.”

Carmon still grieves for his lost soulmate and the dog he loved before, but Bridget is teaching him to open up his heart again.

“Since we got Bridget things have gotten better,” he said.

Bridget can’t tell us how she’s feeling, but there’s a light in her eyes and a little extra spring in her step now that she’s found the perfect forever home!

H/T & Featured Screenshot via KFVS News

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