Woman & Her Dog Make The Cutest Biker Gang

Kay Early has had a love for life on wheels since she was a small child. She could hardly believe it when she found a furry friend who loved cruising on her motorbike just as much as she did!

Kay’s love of the biker lifestyle started in her childhood, after growing up with a dad who had a passion for motorcycles. Her favorite memories were spent with her father, soaking in all the memories on the road.

When Kay’s father tragically passed when she was just 10 years old, she knew she would live on in his legacy. As soon as she was old enough to drive, she got her first motorbike.

Kay Early

Kay immersed herself into the biker way of life. She spent her weekends at rallies, at biker events, and hit the road as often as she could. At these rallies, she was always so amazed by the biker dogs that came along with their owners. Their parents would shake their keys, and the pups would come running!

It’s no surprise that when Kay finally found the perfect pup, he would share a similar passion for two wheels.

Jack Biker Dog
Kay Early

Kay adopted Jack when he was just a tiny puppy. He was so small, that she was able to bring him everywhere with her in a tiny ruck sack. He seemed to take in every sight around him with stride. She knew it was time to introduce him to her second love; the bike.

Kay took her time introducing Jack to life on wheels.

“I’d put him in his bag then sit on the bike with him for a few minutes. We progressed to wheeling he bike up and down, giving him lots of praise and encouragement.”- Early

It wasn’t long until Jack fell in love with this new found adventure. Now he jumps with excitement at the sight of his backpack, as he knows he knows it’s time to jump in and go for a ride!

Jack Biker Dog
Kay Early

Safety is important for Kay, as she never wants to put Jack in a dangerous situation. Just as important as safety is for Kay, is her want for Jack to only associate her motorbike with happy memories.

“We always go somewhere that is dog friendly or fun for him. We don’t go for really long rides, and I only ride with him when it’s quiet, never in rush hour or busy roads.”- Early

Kay believes that part of the reason Jack enjoys these rides so much, is all the attention that he gets on the bike. The sight of Jack all dressed up in his biker gear is quite an adorable sight, so there’s no doubt that he creates quite an uproar of adoring fans.

We absolutely love that Jack is living such an adventure filled life. We cannot wait to hear about what comes next for this duo!

H/T: mirror.co.uk

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