Woman Kicked, Choked And Hanged Her Dog, Laughed At The Man Trying To Stop Her

Warning: Photos and description of abuse below.

A woman in Tarpon Springs, Florida was recently caught on video appearing to abuse her dog. Video taken by a witness showed the woman, 26-year-old Michelle Sieber, choking, kicking and hanging her dog by the leash. She laughed as the man tried to defend the sad dog.

A Dog Obeying and Still Continues to Be Beaten

The adorable brown and white baby was simply trying to walk beside her. He appeared to be a well behaved and compliant companion and yet this monster of a woman repeatedly yanked him up by his leash. At one point the dog even gagged and gasped for air after being released from his hanging.

Vincent Minutello tried to stand up for the innocent dog.

“Hey, can you go a little easy on that dog, please?”

Sieber apparently found this humorous.

She snickered and asked, “Do you want him?”

Photo Via WFLA News Channel 8

The Cruelty Continues as Sieber Ignores a Bystander’s Pleas

It’s enough to make you want to crawl through the screen. The callousness of one human being to an innocent soul just shatters your heart.

Minutello persisted, “You’re choking him. You’re hanging your dog.”

His pleas fell on deaf ears.

Sieber snapped back at him again, “I’m not hanging him!”

Minutello pushed the issue further. He pointed out that the dog clearly couldn’t breathe.

Photo Via WFLA News Channel 8

The Footage Speaks For Itself

Minutello posted the video to his Facebook page and thousands of people shared their disgust for the woman as they called for her arrest. The incident was also reported to the Pinellas County Sheriffs Department. Luckily they were able to catch up with Sieber in the dilapidated van that she lives in. She was found a few days later in Clearwater where she was subsequently arrested. Her two dogs were taken to animal control.

Justice For The Innocent

You can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that both dogs checked out okay, including the one seen in the video. Sieber is still being held in the Pinellas County Jail as of the writing of this article. She has been charged with cruelty to animals which is a felony.

Photo Via Pinellas Clerk of Court

The perpetrator’s mother is a commissioner in Tarpon Springs. Rea Sieber is a local business owner and has contributed greatly to her community. The disappointment could be heard in her voice when she recently gave a statement at their Board of Commissioners Meeting on September 24th. 

“It is with great regret that I make this statement. My daughter, Michelle, has been shown in a video on the news and on social media mistreating one of her dogs. I’ve had the opportunity to review the video and I understand it’s significance. I’m quite distraught by her behavior but she is my daughter and I will support her getting the help that she needs for her illness. She was raised better than that and is now suffering the consequences of her behavior in the Pinellas County Jail.”

You can watch the video here from WFLA New Channel 8. Watch with caution as you may find it very disturbing.

h/t: Pinellas County Clerk of Court

Featured Photo: WFLA News Channel 8

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