Woman Loses Dog When She Gets Hit by a Car, Son Searches for Days Finally Bringing Him Home

Ben Houston lives in Great Falls, Montana. He shares his home with four furry family members and works for Big Sky Managed Care, a pharmacy specializing in assisted living and mental health. This was a challenging week for Ben but by the end of it, he showed the world some of his best traits. He’s a really good son, he’s big hearted when it comes to dogs and even more tenacious when it comes to making things right for his family.

Ben’s Furry Family Members, Image Ben Houston Facebook

Ben’s Mom Was Hit by a Car

Earlier this week at about 7:30 am, Ben’s mom was walking her dog, Sonic, an absolutely adorable and spunky Papillon when she was hit by a car. Ben’s mom was not injured in the accident but, of course, it was a very frightening experience. Poor little Sonic was so scared by the crash that he broke free of his mom’s grip and ran away, dragging his leash behind him. He was spotted later that day about 12 blocks away from the scene of the accident, but he wasn’t recovered at that time.

Image Ben Houston Facebook

Social Media and Concerned Friends Did Their Best Work

Ben reached out to friends on Facebook, alerting them that Sonic was missing and enlisted them to help with the search, share the post to local lost pet pages, and do whatever they could to help bring Sonic home. The local news, KRTV Great Falls, received tons of phone calls from worried citizens asking the station to help spread the word, prompting KRTV to write up and publish an article about the ordeal. Ben searched tirelessly for 13 hours that first day. He posted to Facebook,

Lots of you have texted asking how my mom is and I’m sorry I haven’t replied, I haven’t stopped looking for Sonic for almost 13 hours straight. My mom is okay- very sore but nothing broken. Her concern centers around finding sonic. Thanks to all those who helped look. I’m still hoping for a miracle.

Image Ben Houston Facebook

Keeping Hope Alive in the Face of Adversity

The days came and went, as days always do, and Ben did his best to keep things moving. He spent every waking moment either working or looking for Sonic. Neighbors kept their eyes peeled and went out with their children searching for Sonic. It was a long week with very little sleep. More than 24 hours into the search, he posted,

It’s so hard to stay hopeful. I’m scared. And mad. I feel broken inside. Every time I think there is a lead it crumbles. I think about my little guy cold, scared, hungry. Is he wondering are we looking for him? Is he confused why we don’t come save him? The forecast for the weekend is so cold and he’s so small. Around every corner I hope to see his face only to find nothing. I just want my little guy back.

The BEST News Ever This Morning

Just this morning Ben was in the Giant Springs wilderness areas searching for Sonic when he got the long awaited call. A woman named Cynthia told Ben that her husband had found Sonic on his way to work. Sonic’s leash had become tangled in brush, keeping him in one place while his rescuer scooped him up. Ben hung up and ran all the way towards the Flawless Body Shop, where Sonic was waiting with his savior.

Image Ben Houston Facebook

Sending Thanks for Everyone’s Support

Ben posted a picture of himself and Sonic with the simple exclamation, “OH MY GOD!” The look of relief on his face is enough to bring a smile to every single face. Later this morning he posted,

Thank you to everyone! So many of my friends went above and beyond!! I want to tag them all but I am worried I would miss someone and then feel dreadful. So many dedicated their time, made posters, made Facebook pages, covered my call, and so much more. I am just so happy and can’t stop crying. You all are amazing. I am so very blessed to have such people in my life. Thank you thank you thank you!!

We think Ben deserves a huge thanks, himself! He never gave up, relied on the resources around him to lend a helping hand, and mobilized an entire community to bring Sonic home. And that is just plain super!

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